How To Catch Shiny Starly in Pokemon Go

Here we have explained how you can catch Shiny Starly in Pokemon Go with complete information. According to the news, you can get the Shiny Starly in the Community Day event in Pokemon Go and the Shiny Starly is not the only Shiny Pokemon you will get in this event. The players will get 3 shiny pokemon for their shiny pokemon collection.

In terms of the appearance of the Shiny Starly, we can say it has similar look as the standard Starly however there are bit few differences in both as you see. The Shiny Starly is coloured brown, with a lighter beak compared to the Standard Starly.

How To Get Shiny Starly in Pokemon Go?

In order to get the Shiny Starly, you need to attend the Community Day event previously the event held on Sunday, July 17, from 11 a.m. local time to 2 p.m. local time.

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Now you have to wait till the next event. Currently there no official information is available regarding the Community Day event for now.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions Shiny Startly with complete information.

Is Starly shiny in Pokemon go?

Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor: The Starly evolutionary line is fairly stable in its Shiny appearance. Each shape turns a light reddish-brown colour. It’s possible that this series of Shinies will be issued as part of a future Community Day.

What colour is shiny Starly?

A little feather on the back of its head folds up in a similar fashion to its evolved relatives, though less dramatically. It also has orange feet and a beak that is orange. When a Starly is Shiny, it turns a light brown colour.

Where can I find shiny Starly?

But some basic catching advice is, you know, rapid ball turn one complete swipe super fang uh bidoof learns super fang at level 33, which I’m looking forward to all right, starly was caught.

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