How to Change Difficulty in 2k23

Nowadays, the difficulty options are players’ best friends. When playing specific games, they give distinct experiences for players and can truly challenge a player’s talent, depending on the available mechanics. 

Some games conform to the standard difficulty mode patterns, such as easy, medium, and hard. However, some games get inventive with the words they employ to describe these difficulty levels. NBA 2K23 is one of them, and it comes with a variety of problems. And the phrases they employed had the potential to excite basketball fans everywhere.

Below are all the difficulties and their explanation. 

  • Rookie: If you are new to the 2K series, then you should start with the Rookie difficulty. This will give you an introduction to the game and how the in-game systems work.
  • Semi-Pro: You can select this mode if you are comfortable playing the NBA title, but are still unsure of making it big. 
  • Pro: This difficulty is for players who are used to the game, and like a bit of challenge. 
  • All-Star: If you like to stand your ground and know the ins and outs of the game, then this mode is for you.
  • Hall of Fame: The toughest mode there is, this mode will challenge you to the max. The Hall of Fame mode is best for veteran players who know the game on the back of their hand. 
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How to change difficulty in 2K23

Changing the difficulty in NBA 2K23 is simple. The sole prerequisite for players to choose the appropriate difficulty is to create a profile in the MyCareer mode. When you’re through with your profile, head to the Options/Quit bar in MyCareer mode. Select it and then select the Settings option. The Difficulty menu may be found here. Finally, select the difficulty level you wish to play in NBA 2K23.

The major reason for changing the difficulty in NBA 2K23 is to see how much you’ve developed as a player. In the Rookie and Semi-Pro modes, you will almost always be able to crush your opponents. As a result, increasing the difficulty and facing tougher opponents is advised, especially because playing a basketball game is the primary mode of gameplay in NBA 2K23.

Also, by changing difficulties, players can gain more VC and MyPoints, with harder ones providing more resources. These may either help your character level up or unlock cosmetic items that you can use in games.

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That’s how to change difficulty in NBA 2k23 as I’ll see you in the next guide.