Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Merlin Cloak

If you’re an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan, then you’re probably a player of Hogwarts Legacy. It has many story arches, quests, and magical items to keep players on their toes. One such magical item is the Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cloak.

It is an exclusive item that’s only available on Hogwarts Legacy for a short period. However, not many people know how to obtain this fancy blue robe. 

This article explains the only way you can get Merlin Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy and provides the steps to get it done.

What Is Merlin’s Cloak?

If you’ve been following the game’s Twitter account, you should know what a Merlin Cloak is.

However, if you haven’t, then you’re probably wondering what it brings to the table. Merlin Cloak is completely cosmetic and has no special magical ability. However, it looks cool on any player. 

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This Cloak is created using a mystical blue and gold fabric. When work, it looks very wizardly. However, it can only change your existing gear’s item, but it doesn’t come with any buff or stat. 

How to Get Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cloak

how to get merlin cloak hogwarts legacy
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Merlin’s Cloak is an exclusive Twitch drop available only for a specific period. During this time, players must always tune into the official Avalanche Software live stream showcasing Hogwarts Legacy. Players also have to watch the live for at least 20 minutes before they can receive the reward in their Twitch account. 

Although the Merlin Cloak was first released between February 7 and 25, it will be available in May 2023 again, and the process is the same. This is excellent news for those who missed the February Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cloak release. Now, they have a second chance to get their hands on it.

To do this, it’s essential to log into your Twitch account. Without doing this, players won’t make any progress by watching the live stream. Once logged in, you can check your progress by going to your Twitch drops inventory and checking Merlin’s Cloak Exclusive Quest.

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Once you watch the live stream for the allotted time of 20 mintues, you’ll be notified if Merlin’s Cloak has been added to your account. As a Twitch Drop, your only job is to claim it. 

How to Claim Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cloak

Once it drops, you can claim it by launching Hogwarts Legacy on your device. Next, log into your WB account and link it with the game through its settings. Once it is linked, the Cloak will automatically be added to your inventory.

Now, all players have to do is navigate to the gears menu and click ‘change appearance’ in the Robe section. In this menu, you can change the look of your existing robe to Merlin’s Cloak.

Are There Plans for New Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cloak Promotions?

The team behind Hogwarts Legacy confirmed recently that there are no plans for another campaign to start anytime soon, which will allow players to get the Merlin Cloak. .

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However, they suggested that players keep their eyes on their official pages for more information in the future. Despite this, it’s become clear that Merlin’s Cloak campaign would be laid to rest for now. 

The team could choose to add Merlin’s Cloak within the game through future updates as a free item player automatically acquire. While it would be exciting for this to happen, there are no current plans. 

Final Thoughts

Gamers all have an obsession with magical items in a game. There’s no better feeling than acquiring an exclusive item you can always flaunt. It’s even better when you know other players won’t be able to get their hands on it.

With this guide, you can easily get your own Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cloak. You should take advantage of this opportunity as there won’t be many in the future. Want more Hogwarts Legacy tips? Check out our guide on how to enter the chambers of secrets in Hogwarts Legacy or ride a Unicorn.