Can Litten be Shiny in Pokemon Go? 

The Welcome to Alola event in March 2022 debuted the region’s beginning trio to Pokemon GO. Because Litten is so famous for its capacity to develop into the formidable Incineroar, many trainers are probably asking if the game offers a shiny variation of Litten. So can Litten be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, all Alolan starters’ shinies including Litten are still absent from Pokemon GO. It’s unknown why this is the case, but despite Litten being in the current Dark Flames event, you won’t be able to get a shiny Litten or its shining evolutions for the time being. Unfortunately, until now Shiny Litten is not available in Pokemon Go.

Litten Shiny Pokemon Go
shiny litten pokemon go

How to obtain Litten in Pokemon Go

At the moment, the only method to obtain Litten in Pokemon Go is to come across it in the wild. Pokemon like Litten are occasionally highlighted at Community Day events like Spotlight Hours, but for the time being, this is the only opportunity to capture it.

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Fortunately, the Dark Flames event increased the likelihood of seeing Litten in the wild until July 2, 2023. Completing the Dark Flames Timed Research will also get you 50 Litten Candy.

To complete the Dark Flames Collection Challenge, you must capture Litten and develop it into Incineroar, so you’ll need all the Candy you can obtain. The good news is that you’ll get them regardless of whatever option you take.

How to evolve Litten in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players must spend 25 Litten Candy to develop Litten into Torracat. If you have 25 Candy or more, the ‘Evolve’ button will become green, allowing you to press it.

As with all things Pokemon Go, if Niantic does finally decide to introduce a Shiny Litten variant to the game, we’ll be the first to update our articles and let you know for now I’ll see you in the next article.

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