How To Complete FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives

FIFA 23’s History Mystery Lesson Objectives is a very unique mission, where players get to experience different things. And to complete these objectives successfully it requires a deep understanding of the game’s history.

So, in this guide, I will be giving you a comprehensive guide to help you to understand the FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives.

How To Complete FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives

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Alright, so let’s get started with our guide without wasting any more time.

1. The Blow of Maracana

First, you have to Recreate a specific event that happened in the Maracana Stadium.

To keep it simple, you need to score two goals while playing as the Uruguay team in any game mode to complete the objectives.

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2. Hometown Shocker

Next, you need to recreate a surprising event that occurred in a team’s home stadium, which is the specific match being referred to is when Brazil, as the host country, experienced a devastating 7-1 defeat against Germany.

Therefore, you have to score seven goals in a single match to complete the objectives

3. Pinturicchio

You have to recreate a moment related to a famous football player, that is to complete this objective, you need to score a finesse shot with an Italian player, taking inspiration from Alessandro Del Piero’s goal against Germany in 2006.

4. A 1950 Miracle of Grass

For this objective, you need to recreate a remarkable event that took place on a grass field in 1950, that is in a surprising event in 1950, the United States won against England. Now, you have to do the same with an American player to complete the quest.

Use your researched knowledge and critical thinking skills to find the answers for the given question.

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If you get stuck, consider using trial and error to test different possibilities.

5. The Heat Battle of Lausanne

To complete this objective, you need to recreate a memorable match that happened in Lausanne under hot weather. The event was that, in a very hot match, with temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit, there were a total of 12 goals scored. What made the game even more exciting was the impressive performances of two players, one from each team.

So, to complete the quest you need to score a hat trick with an Austrian player and a Switzerland player in the same match.

6. Somersault

To complete this objective, you need to perform a specific move involving a somersault.

The story is referring to Miroslav Klose, who has managed to score a goal in every international world tournament. He played between 2002 and 2014. Only four players have achieved this feat.

So, to complete this objective, you need to score a goal with a German player in four different matches.

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So, what are you waiting for try out some of these suggestions and let us know your views! Happy playing!