How To Complete Gilmore Girls Challenge in Bitlife

The new Gilmore Girls Challenge is added to BitLife. In this quest basically, you need to spend some valuable time with your mother while studying journalism in Connecticut. Here we cover information regarding how to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge in Bitlife along with other useful in-game information.

What is Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife?

In Gilmore Girls Challenge you need to complete 5 tasks in order to complete the challenge. Here we explain all the tasks with complete information that help you to know what the task is about and how you can complete them without having much hassle.

How To Complete Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife?

As I have explained above there is a total of 5 tasks that you need to complete in order to finish the Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife. Below we mentioned all these tasks that you need to complete.

  • Be born a female in Connecticut
  • Perform every activity with your mother
  • Study journalism
  • Cheat with an ex
  • Get pregnant by an ex
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For to start you need to be born as a girl in Bitlife a female character in the U.S. So make before you create a new character remember to select the United States as the country and Hartford as born place. Doing so will automatically complete the first task.

Because Connecticut’s capital is Hartford. Now simply wait till you age up this will unlock the new interactions with your mother. For instance, asking for money to watch movies and more. Make sure to complete every available interaction to become an adult and get to the next task.

This is sum up for this short guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all video games related information for more similar content such as how to get sugar daddy or escape from prison and more. Do check our Bitlife guide section.