How to Breed Grumpyre in My Singing Monster?

My Singing Monster game is pretty easy, it’s all weird monster jamming for you. There are several monsters you can pet and listen to. You know it’s like a monster playing jazz on a mobile screen. In the game, you can breed one monster with another. Two same breeds cannot breed.

There are several weird monsters, some of them will make the sound of any musical instrument, some will make beats and some will make weird sounds.

You will love to hear about their chores. So here we are discussing how to breed grumpyre. So those of you who don’t know the name, it looks like a fruit with 4 wings and 2 legs. You cannot breed Grumpyre before you reach a certain level and not with anyone.

Go through the article and let’s find out all about how to breed Grumpyre.

Grumpyre in My Singing Monster

Grumpyre is an ethereal class monster and it can make two different sounds. The Grumpyre is first available on the cold Island and you can Swift it to the ethereal island.

The monster can make sounds from the upper half and bottom half. From the upper half, it will sound like “boogo” and from the bottom half it will sound like “la”.

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Grumpyre monster will be available at level 9. You can breed it in ethereal and cold islands. Both islands will be available at level 4.

For breeding Grumpyre you will need cold and ethereal islands with 5 beds and the size will be 2×2. To breed Grumpyre you will need four different elements. In which deedge and there will be three different combinations that will help to breed.

How to breed Grumpyre in My Singing Monster?

No matter which combination you will choose. It will take particular hours to breed. There are two different times for incubation: one is default and the other is enhanced time.

The default incubation time is 1 day and 12 hours for cold islands and 10 hours for the ethereal island.

Enhanced incubation time is 1 day 3 hours for cold islands and 7 hours 30 minutes for ethereal islands. You can also use the diamonds to skip the breeding process. You have to reach level 9. The breeding is not possible for deedge and deedge will be available after level 9.

If you do not have the deedge then follow this step to get the deedge:

You can only breed deedge after level 9 with simple Thumpies and Toe Jammer. Several other process monsters can help you to get the deedge.

Such as you can breed deedge with the combination of

  • Dandidoo and Maw
  • Pango and Okatopus
  • Congel and Potbelly
  • Quibble and Furcorn
  • Spunge and Mammott
  • Bowgart and Tweedle

After breeding the deedge you will need other three elements to breed Grumpyre.

Combination for breeding

  1. Deedge + Congle (air, water, cold)
  2. Deedge + Spunge (air, plant, water)
  3. Deedge + Thumpies (air, plant, cold)
  4. Deedge + Bowgart (plant, water, cold)
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You can breed monsters in breeding structures on islands. To build a breeding structure, you can purchase it from the market icon, click on the structure and find the breeding structure there.

You can purchase it with 200 golds or with 10 shards. After the waiting period is complete, choose the Nursery and breed any combination on a cold or ethereal island.

Grumpyre breeding chances in My Singing Monster

We would like to mention something before you initiate the breeding process of Grumpyre.

As described in my singing monster wiki page, when you are done with 70 attempts the chances of breeding for one Grumpyre is 50%. After 640 attempts you will have a 99.9% chance of successfully breeding one Grumpyre.

But you don’t have to wait this long during the Ethereal Breeding Bonanzas Daily Deal. This deal will increase Ethereal monster breeding from 500% to 1000%. During this, if you are lucky enough you can breed Grumpyre.

After getting Grumpyre where to place?

After getting Grumpyre you should place it with a monster that Grumpyre likes. Not only with Grumpyre but if you put any other monster with their likeable monster they will sing happily. There are some monsters in my singing monster which like Grumpyre and Grumpyre like another monster. So you have to place the monster in a position where everyone will be happy.

Here is the list of monsters and things which Grumpyre like:

  • Maw
  • Arackulele
  • Saggle Tree
  • Dragon tower
  • Bass String Bridge

Here is the list of monsters that like Grumpyre:

  • Nebulob
  • Sox
  • Rare Grumpyre
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Which other monster can I breed with Grumpyre? And which monster will I get?

With Grumpyre you can breed different other monsters and you can get new monsters.

  • Grumpyre + Ghazt = Whisp or Rare Whisp
  • Grumpyre + Reebro = Arackulele or Rare Arackulele
  • Grumpyre + Jeeode = Boodoo or Rare Boodoo
  • Grumpyre + Humbug = Kazileon or Rare Kazileon

How many coins and shards will Grumpyre give? And food required to feed?

It will vary as per the level of monster and happiness. Suppose the grumpyre is at level 1 with zero happiness, it will give 14, if happiness increases to 25% then it will give 17 coins per minute. Maximum golden coins at level 1 with 100% is 23000 coins.

If we talk about shards, at a level with 0% happiness, it will give 2 shards, with 100% happiness it will give 4 shards per hour. The maximum amount of shards Grumpyre will give is 23.

You have to feed Grumpyer four times a day to reach the next level. As Grumpyer reaches the next level the capacity will increase.

Final words

Here we discussed all Grumpyer, from how to breed Grumpyer and chances of breeding Grumpyer. After getting grumpyer you have to choose his location according to Grumpyer’s happiness and other monster happiness.

Further, we discussed the gold coins, shards, and food. As per level increases all these things, you have to feed any monster four times a day to increase the level.

This is sum up for this guide for more similar content do refer to our My Singing Monster guide section.