How To Get Sugar Daddy in BitLife? Guide

Have you seen ‘catch me if you can’ in which Leonardo DiCaprio became a professor, pilot, doctor and lawyer? The bitlife also works in the same way.

The users can become any person and choose any profession from beginning to end. You can choose your parents, health, education, and other stuff. That will lead you to a particular ending according to your choices. The game is free and is available on PCs and phones.

Here in this article, we will cover the sugar daddies in bitlife. You have to be a material girl in the game and have to get a sugar daddies in bitlife. This task is neither hard in real life nor in bitlife. But you have to create a perfect character to get sugar daddies in bitlife.

A brief about sugar daddies in bitlife

The sugar daddies are old men with high incomes. Girls marry them for their money and take advantage of them. The sugar daddies also like to spend their money on them but have to gain their trust. Sugar daddies are available on dating sites.

You can create your account and match with wealthy men. You can set the income criteria and age as you fit. After that, you just have to be ready to date them.

Getting a match on a dating site is not easy. You have to create a pretty high school 18-year-old girl. Go through the article and find out how to create female characters.

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How can I create female characters to get sugar daddies in bitlife?

To find sugar daddies is not a hard task, but to marry them is. You have to create a female character with a perfect material girl. Which can entrap a rich guy.

Develop Your Female Character

To create a character first you have to choose the girls who belong to a rich family. After that you have to just focus on her looks, personality, and health to get a sugar daddy. You have to age up till 18 years to login into dating apps.

Don’t hurry in ageing up. You have to ask for money from your parents and siblings. The money will help you to get better looks, treatment and fashion. Also, you will need money to create an account on sugar daddy sites.

A man in his prime age will go for looks rather than being a knowledgeable girl. You have to do make-ups, even plastic surgeries and wear seductive clothes to attract sugar daddies in bitlife. You can go to the gym to get a nice slim body, and spas and salons for better looks. To look pitch perfect you can do plastic surgeries.

Where to find the sugar daddy in bitlife? And how to get a match?

You can choose sugar daddy according to your age, income and all other stuff you want to choose. You can find your match in dating apps.

To create a dating app account, you can find through the activities tag and select the love section

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If you’re not getting any matches or getting rejected you have to improve your looks and fashion to get a game.

Follow these steps to get a quick match:

1. First thing is, you have to be born into a rich family to get a better match with income. so the partner can trust you with his money.

2. Also, to be a material girl and get a rich guy you have to do a job. You can choose part-time and full-time both but we will suggest you to go with the part-time job.

After working on your character, you will be able to get a match in dating apps. After that the other part is easy. You can marry your date like butter in a pan.

After marrying him, you can fulfil all your desires as you wish. Go shopping, buy expensive things, gift him with his money and you are set as a material girl for your sugar daddies in bitlife.

How to build a happy relationship with sugar daddies in bitlife?

After getting a match you just don’t have to focus on his money. You have to gain the trust of the old men to build a relationship with them for a marriage proposal.

You can always give compliments to him, do the things as he wishes, tell them you will never ever leave him, give priority to him and all other things you like to do.

Proposal for marriage:

After the relationship bar turns to full you can propose to your match. You can propose to him through the rings, for the ring you can ask for money from your parents, siblings or even from your partner.

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He will not turn off after the relationship bar turns full. You can ask him to marry you, make sure you don’t sign any prenup there.

About Prenup

That’s why earlier we mentioned that you have to belong to a wealthy family. If your character is inherited from a rich family the chances of signing a prenup will be ignored.

The other thing we would like to mention is, the game is based on your choices. So if you can’t keep your partner happy, he will divorce you before you do. So after the proposal, the game will not end. You have to keep them happy to avoid any divorce.

The task is not complete yet, you have to marry five sugar daddies. Repeat the journey, match, marry and divorce for five times.


Following are the things you need to consider to get sugar daddy in Bitlife.

  • Born in a rich family, ask for money from your parents and siblings.
  • Focus on your looks and health, improve stats.
  • As you turn 18 create an account on a dating site.
  • Match with a guy with 60+age and an income of more than 100000+, To match you have to work on physical appearance and health.
  • Build a good relationship with them after getting a match.
  • You can spend his money to make him happy.
  • Relationship bar has to be full for a marriage proposal.
  • For proposal go with the ring and don’t sign a prenup.
  • Divorce after a while.

This is sum for this short guide for more similar content do check our BitLife guide panel.