How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife 2024?

If you’re one of the gamers looking for a BitLife guide – How to avoid 8×8 prison scenarios for maximum security, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how strict the security measures, we are here to help you get out of jailbreak provide BitLife Guide – How to Escape Any Prison

In this Bitlife Prison Guide, we will discuss the easiest way to escape all types of prisons. Fortunately, our BitLife jailbreak guide explains how to navigate the lives of the notorious BitLife gangsters. Luckily, our BitLife jailbreak guide will help you get out of your cell and back to BitLife.

If you end up in jail, you have a chance to escape, but BitLife won’t make it easy for you.

Bitlife: Overview

Bitlife is one of the mini-games that creates various challenges, including a jailbreak where you end up because of a wrong decision.

Usually, players go on the run to take on the challenge and add some thrill to Bitlife. In this mini-game, players make strategic moves while evading guards and escaping the prison on a grid.

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During the game, you will find many three-sided boxes in Bitlife, where you can easily catch the guard and start moving towards the escape to get free.

If you decide to try to escape from the prison, you need to try to block the guards using the walls on the grid.

You will need to lure the guard around almost the entire perimeter of the level and then lure him back until he traps him in the right direction so you can escape. If the player attempts to escape, they must get past the guards and reach the exit.

Players should find their way out of the prison by making the right moves while avoiding the correctional officers. You must visit almost the entire map to fool the guard and be active; otherwise, you will end up in jail again.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife?

Once in prison, you can try to escape using the motion-based board-style mini-game in Bitlife. There are a few mini-games in BitLife, but the original (and still the best, in our opinion) is an escape game where you have to play a puzzle to get out of prison.

However, there are over 20 different prison layouts in Bitlife that you can try to escape from. These are all minimum and maximum jail card solutions for Bitlife escape. These are the prison maps that you might have to face in BitLife.

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We have cheat sheets for all prison layouts in the game. Below is a complete list of all prison layouts in the game and instructions on bypassing them. If you are already in jail at Bitlife and want to get out, we have you in this case too!

This video has ways to escape the jail in Bitlife; the developers keep adding new jails, so if you didn’t find yours in the video above, let us know in the comments to find a suitable solution to your problem.

There are several ways to escape from jail in Bitlife, and the easiest is to exit the game on your phone and reopen it immediately after the verdict. It can be pretty tricky for players to escape from prison, especially if you are new to the game.

Some Minimum & Medium Security Prison Maps:

You can escape if you’re in BitLife’s low or medium prison. These are the minimum and maximum prison map solutions for escaping in Bitlife.

3×4 Prison Map

3×5 Prison Map

4×4 Prison Map

4×4 Prison Map 2

4×4 Prison Map 3

5×4 Prison Map

5×5 Prison Map

5×6 Prison Map

5×7 Prison Map

5×7 Prison Map 2

6×5 Prison Map

6×6 Prison Map

6×6 Prison Map 2

7×4 Prison Map

While you can easily break out of jail with minimal security, the game will keep you busy with maximum protection; therefore, you should improve your skills and learn more about minimum security prisons; in the meantime, use everything you’ve learned from your experience to get past maximum security prisons.

Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife

If you’re in a high prison, you’ll have to work hard to get out of it. It will be much more difficult when you try to escape the supermax prison.

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While you may be rich enough to hire lawyers and avoid going back to jail, you may have no choice but to escape to complete BitLife’s weekend’s most formidable challenge.

Once you break out of prison, you will complete the third task of the BitLife Halloween Challenge. Gamers already familiar with Bitlife will find out the difficulty level of jailbreak in Bitlife.

8×7 Prison Map Layout

8×8 Prison Map Layout

8×8 Prison Map 2 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 3 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 4 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 5 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 6 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 7 Layout

Like the first map, you can also follow the red route to escape the second 8×8 maximum security prison map. We think that if you walk the red carpet on each map, you will easily escape from 8×8 maximum security prisons.

You must follow the red lines from the starting point to the end to complete the map. Suppose you can’t figure out the 8×8 high-security jailbreak line shown in the photo.

This is the end of this short guide.

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