[Guide] Look For Clues As To Uncle He’s Whereabouts

This article is all about helping the players by proving the data relating to Look For Clues As To Uncle He’s Whereabouts. So the players who may are facing problems in this regard may check out this article as well to get help.

The players just have to follow the below steps and have to follow the objectives of Uncle He’s whereabouts of the quest of the “Chasm Spelunkers” in “Genshin Impact 2.6”.

Look for clues as to uncle he's whereabouts
Look for clues as to uncle he’s whereabouts

Look For Clues As To Uncle He’s Whereabouts

Finding the clues may indeed be everyone’s goal in the game. Some quests also include the job of determining hints. The quest is referred to as “chasm spelunkers”. The players can find the mines of the Chasm’s undergrounds if they are allowed to participate in this mission.

The players will be able to obtain numerous types of “Lumenstone adjuvant gadgets” if they manage to enter the underground mine of the Chasm. And if the players were successful in obtaining such tools, they will prove useful during the course of the game.

The players must communicate with the “glowing explore place” in order to obtain these “limestone adjuvant gadgets,” and after doing so, they must drop down in order to discover a gloomy location. These hints about the uncle’s whereabouts will be necessary if the gamers are successful in obtaining those gadgets.

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The players may now wish to know about the clues, at the same time they may require them in the game after learning the need for them in the game. Therefore, all the details pertaining to the hints of Uncle’s whereabouts are provided here. To find the answers, interested players should read the conversation that follows.

Clue Number 1 As To Uncle He’s Whereabouts

Since the headline states that the first clue, which is clue number 1, would be the subject of this discussion when it comes to addressing the clues as to the uncle’s whereabouts, clue number 1 comes first. If anyone is interested in learning more about hint number 1, they should read this conversation as well.

First clues as to uncle he's whereabouts
First clues as to uncle he’s whereabouts

In general, clue number 1 is referred to as “Diary Fragments.” Consequently, the phrase “diary fragments” is another name for the concept that is employed in the game as hint number 1. With the use of this first clue, the players can locate the uncle in the game.

The players of this game must view their map, which may have been given to them in the game, in order to show them the way to approach Uncle. Uncle will be indicated at every location where he can be found. To get to uncle he, the players only need to follow those specified places on the map.

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The players can find this initial hint or diary fragment in game terms, on the wooden crate’s highest point. In addition, you can find this wooden crate close to Geovishap.

Clue Number 2 As To Uncle He’s Whereabouts

The players must locate clue 2 after discovering the first clue, or in-game terms, the diary fragment. The “treasure hoarders” are the name of the game’s second clue. Therefore, in order to go to Uncle He, the players will need to eat this second hint, or in-game terms, the treasure hoarders.

Second clues as to uncle he's whereabouts
Second clues as to uncle he’s whereabouts

The players around Limenlamp can find these treasure hoarders. These hoarders of treasure can be found in a box nearby the Limenlamp. The players that are able to obtain hint 1 must therefore continue below in order to reach this game site.

Additionally, a map will be marked with markers for each of these locations. Therefore, the players must also check all of these designated points. The diary fragmentations are considered for holding hints for uncle he.

Clue Number 3 As To Uncle He’s Whereabouts

The participants who might engage in these conversations described above might thus get why it’s crucial to uncover the uncle’s clues. As a result, all the information pertaining to the diary fragment, which is clue 1, and the treasure hoarders, which is clue 2, is discussed at the aforementioned locations.

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Third clues as to uncle he's whereabouts
Second clues as to uncle he’s whereabouts

Players who may have intended to discover the uncle in the game must first locate the first clue, which can be obtained from the top side of the wooden crate. The second clue will then appear. The players from the box, which they can find nearby the Limenlamp, can obtain the second. Finding the third clue in the game is starting after finding the previous two.

Players must proceed from the second clue to the south side from the same place in order to find the third clue in the game. The layers must then locate all of their surroundings’ sides. The gamers will eventually be able to locate a weapon rack after diligently searching.

There will be a broken card besides that weapon rack. The final clue will be discovered if the players are successful in locating that shattered carte. Inside the broken card will lay the third clue.

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