Best Musty Camera Settings (December 2022)

Looking for Musty Camera Settings then you’ve visit on the right web page. If you’re want to setup your camera setting perfect to move one step a head from your opponent. Well all gamers want it at same point, but getting best camera settings are way to hard until if any pro player recommends them. If you’ve the right setting then you can take the victory in the game without having much hassle.

If you’ve ever played the Rocket League which is one of the best vehicular soccer video game to play online as multiplayer. In Rocket League everyone know who Musty is one of the most popular gamer who played Rocket League. One of the Musty gameplay secret is the way he use to setup his camera settings.

Who is Musty?

The Musty is an most of the most popular in the Rocket League because he has won 6 Grand Champion awards with the Rocket League. That’s a lot of money, but he’s famous for inventing the “Musty flick.” He has approximately 1,000 hours of coaching experience in addition to being a fantastic player. He spends his time honing his skills and learning new tactics while also coaching new players.

Musty Camera Settings

Here in this article we are going to share one of the most popular gamer camera settings, Yes we are talking about the Musty also know as the amustycow on YouTube. If you implement these settings on your gaming system then you get same as musty camera view. 

musty camera settings

These are are the musty camera settings are as follow – 

  • FOV – 110
  • Height – 110
  • Angle – -3.0
  • Distance – 240
  • Stiffness – 0.25
  • Swivel Speed – 7.2
  • Transition Speed – 1.4

Well musty usually make changes into his settings a lot. So, if you believe he has and we’ve not changed ours, please contact us. Use any of our messaging services to contact us. Meanwhile, what are the opinions of the specialists?

What Does Pro Players Says About Musty Camera Settings

We have also share some of the best Rocket League settings on our blog post. You can easily do through these camera settings and apply them to get better camera configuration during the gameplay. Moreover, the while playing the Rocket League the camera settings are way to important because its more then the mechanical gaming skills. That means camera settings in any game play as the main role and part of our winning.

According to the pro players, the perfect configuration of the settings takes you one step a head from your opponent and after that its all depends on your gaming skills. Here some of the tips given by the Musty for the camera settings. 

Camera Stiffness –  This option controls how smoothly your camera follows your vehicle through corners. Professional players prefer that their camera remains locked to the automobile at all times. As a result, many people stick with 0 while others go up to 1. Musty is kept to a minimum of 0.25.

Camera Swivel Speed – Whenever you play an game your camera plays an important role by following on at every angle. In this the Swivel Speed also plays an important role by determining at what speed the camera must take turn when your car make a turn. But there is an special recommendation to configure it. But pro players keep it between 1.0 to 10.0. By default it comes as the 2.5 and most the player keep it that way, Musty keep it to the 7.2 which is also good.

Camera Angle – This feature you can help camera to determine the angle of the at which your camera faces the car. By default it comes at the -3 degree which is perfect according to the pro players and only the adventurous players make changes into the camera angle settings. Musty also keep the camera angle degree to the -3 and it work perfect. 

Camera Height – In this camera configuration is used to determine the height in which above the car where is camera is setup By default its setup as is 100 but most the pro players to increase it to the 110 and musty is one of the them. 

Hopefully, this short guide helped you to know some of the best rocket league settings used by the Musty. In case if you have any questions or any kind of the suggestion for us then feel free to ask us through the comment box and we try our best to response you as soon as possible. 

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