How to get better at Warding in League of Legends

Want to get better at warding in League of Legends? As you climb the ranks in League of Legends, you quickly realize that having good vision control is crucial for success. Warding is not just the responsibility of supporting players anymore. In fact, every role can and should contribute to providing vision control. 

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What is Warding in League of Legends?

Warding in League of Legends
Image via Riot Games

At its core, warding is about controlling the battlefield by dispelling the fog of war, the unexplored territory on the map covered in black. Wards provide a small circle of clarity around them, allowing you to see enemies that enter their radius and giving you crucial information to make informed decisions and react appropriately.

Types of Wards in League of Legends

There are four different types of Warding in League of Legends, each with its unique characteristics and uses:

  1. Stealth Ward: This is the bare ward available to all roles. It provides a small vision radius around the ward until it is destroyed or times out after 90 seconds or three hit points.
  2. Control Ward: This ward is also available to all roles and provides a small radius of vision around the ward until it is destroyed. Control Wards have four hit points, making them more durable than Stealth Wards.
  3. Oracle Lens: This is a trinket available to junglers and supports. It creates a radar-like radius around the player, revealing and disabling enemy wards, traps, and champions.
  4. Farsight Alteration: This trinket is available to top, mid, and ADC roles at level 9. It allows you to drop a ward from 4000 units away, revealing the area for two seconds and revealing champions inside for five seconds.
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Early Game Warding vs. Late Game Warding in League of Legends

Early game warding is crucial for establishing vision control and preventing enemy ganks. Ward Totem, a trinket available to junglers, can be used effectively by dropping a ward on your own or enemy camps, backing to base, and then grabbing an Oracle Lens. 

In the mid and late game, vision control becomes even more crucial as objectives such as dragon, baron, and towers become contested.