5 Best Water-Type Metas for Pokemon Go Great League

Water Pokemon are some of the most commonly used types in the Pokemon Go Great League. They give 2X damage against Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokemon, with weaknesses to only Electric- and Grass-type attacks. Additionally, most of them have a decent bulk and benefit from quick Charged Move rotations due to STAB.

Note that a single-type advantage, in this case a Water-type attack, will give quadruple damage against a dual Ground/Rock-type Pokemon as it will hit both weaknesses of the opponent. Pitting your Water Pokemon against the likes of Rhyperior, Gigalith, Tyrantrum, and Golum is guaranteed to give good results.

In this article, we will discuss the five best water-type metas for Pokemon Go Great League. The list includes Blastoise, Jellicient, Azumarill, Swampert, and the upcoming Water Shuriken version of Greyninja.

Best Water-Type Metas for Pokemon Go Great League

Water Type Metas for Pokemon Go
water type meta pokemon go

#1. Blastoise

During the early days of Pokemon Go, Blastoise used to dominate the 1500-CP capped league thanks to its access to Hydro Cannon.

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As the game progressed, a lot many ‘mons got the Charged Move and were able to deliver it quicker than the evolved Wartotle. Don’t take anything away from Blastoise though as it is as effective as it was previously.

A Water Gun and Hydro Cannon combo makes Blastoise the typical Water type in Great Leagues. It also has Ice Beam in its arsenal but it doesn’t benefit from STAB.

Essentially, the water turtle has a good bulk and could be used as a defensive option – withstanding attacks while breaking the opponent’s Shields. The only flaw in the otherwise good meta is its lack of energy generation and inability to excel in any other role.

#2. Jellicient

Possessing decent health and defense along with a unique Water/Ghost dual-typing, Jellicient is one of the most useful metas for Pokemon Go Great League. It has a long list of 8 resistances apart from the usual weaknesses to Electric-, Grass-, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks. Moreover, it is a challenge for other Water-type metas in the league.

If Bubble and Surf give trainers the ability to spam Charged Attacks and STAB, Jellicient can also hold a Ghost Charged Move such as Hex or Shadow Ball. It could be notoriously difficult to counter for Azumarill and Blastoise. Moreover, the Ghost-type charged attack gives it better coverage over Psychic and other Ghost-types.

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#3. Azumarill

Trainers often encounter Azumarill in the Great League. It boasts incredible bulk, solid Fairy/Water typing, and impressive coverage due to its access to moves such as Play Rough, Ice Beam, and Hydro Pump. Mix and match its moves as per your wish because it has a strong-enough bulk to withstand attacks before firing a strong Charged Move.

Bubble Quick Move along with Hydro Pump Charged Move usually do away with Fighting- or Steel-type Pokemon. Ice Beam can be used to counter Dragon-types although only a few are seen in the 1500-CP capped league. Play Rough is a good option as it shuts down some popular picks like Medicham and Sableye.

#4. Swampert

Swampert is an M.V.P. in both Great League and Ultra League. Mud Shot Quick Move offers the highest energy generation output and it can be combined with Hydro Cannon for its lesser energy cost and very high Damage Per Energy value. Trainers use Swampert as a beginner in PvP to cut down the opponent’s Shields.

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The Swamp Pokemon also has access to Sludge Bomb that counters the commonly seen Fairy types in Leagues. Swampert’s nemesis includes Grass-types like Ludiculo and Venusaur that can take advantage of its fragile bulk with Razor Leaf, Leaf Storm, or Energy Ball.

#5. Greyninja

It looks like the infamous Ash-Greyninja is approaching closer to a debut. The upcoming Froakie Community Day will allow trainers to obtain a Greyninja that could learn Water Shuriken and Hydro Cannon – a moveset that trumps Swampert due to Water Shuriken’s energy generated per turn being higher.

Greyninja is yet to be tried and tested. It will obviously be super weak against Grass-types, with trainers struggling to keep it in play due to its fragile bulk. Nonetheless, if the opponent team doesn’t have good Grass-type counters, a barrage of Hydro Cannon Charged Attacks is surely going to overwhelm them.