How To Get Ability Points In Fire Force Online

Fire Force Online is a game that gives you the power of fire to combat NPCs and players. Many other fire skills and augments have been introduced to the game by the creators, which fans of the franchise will undoubtedly know.

If you want to confront the perils that await you in a video game, you must upgrade your character. Each game has its own advancement mechanism and is a fun game.

Tips from me to you is that you’ll have to learn all the best abilities that you can as those abilities will help you excel in battle and take down any foe that gets in your way. Without further ado let’s dive deeply into Fire Force ability points shall we!

How to get ability points in Fire Force Online

These ability points are difficult to get since they are significantly more important and necessary for boosting your character’s strength and mastering new combat skills. Press M to access your Skill Tree menu and keep track of them.

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It will display your available ability points on the left side. You must advance in rank to receive ability points.

You start out with 6 ability points that you may utilize right away, and you get an additional point every one to two ranks. You will only receive ability points every 5–6 ranks after rank 5.

So you’ll need to put in some consistent work to obtain them. Fortunately, there are a few different methods to rank up rapidly and accumulate those points.

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Fire Force Online Abilities
Image Credit: Roblox Corporation via UniversalPanther Screenshot

How to rank up quickly in Fire Force Online

You can rank up quickly in Fire Force Online through;


Tasks such as defeating Infernals or Fire Force players, will earn you XP toward your next rank.


Another simple method to rank up is to pick up quests as the City has plenty of quests and is a great place for beginning players looking to rank up quickly.

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Another way to rank up is by fighting other players, NPCs, and Infernals as you’ll earn XP just for defeating enemies.

That’s all you need to know about Roblox Fire Force ability points as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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