How to Defeat Rykard Lord of Blasphemy & God Devouring Serpent

Elden Ring is one of the popular role-playing games in which you need to complete several quests and defeat bosses to progress further into the game. Rykard Loard of Blasphemy is one of the major bosses in the game that you need to defeat.

You can find Rykard in the Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon he is a Shardbearers and an optional boss to fight there are two ways to enter into the Rykard fight finish Lady Tanith’s quests or reach the end of the Volcano Manor from both ways you access to fight Rykard.

Rykard is the optional boss so if you want to skip the fight with Rykard will not change anything in the Elden Ring plot. However, defeating bosses in the Elden Ring can grant you Great Rune and Remembrance that you can use to upgrade the weapons and more.

rykard lord of blasphemy
rykard lord of blasphemy

How To Defeat Rykard Loard of Blasphemy in Elden Ring?

Rykard Loard of Blasphemy boss fight has two rounds in the first round you need to defeat the God-Devouring Serpent in the second round you need to defeat the Rykard himself.

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First Round of Rykard Lord of Blasphemy Fight

Serpent Hunter Elden Ring

When you enter the arena you will find the Serpent Hunter weapon that needs to use to defeat the God-Devoring Serpent this weapon delivers long-range attacks. Most importantly you need to get close to the God Devouring Serpent because he is surrounded by magma.

God Devouring Serpent Elden Ring

We recommend you find the perfect time to deliver the attacks on his snake head and try to avoid his attacks using the shield. One of the powerful attacks that Devoring Serpent uses is his grabs using his mouth. So keep your distance when he attacks and when you spot perfect hit him on the head and keep attacking until the second round starts.

Second Round of Rykard Lord of Blasphemy Fight

Rykard Lord of Blasphemy Elden Ring

Once the second round of Rykard Lord of Blasphemy starts the Rykard will reveal his true face and get a long sword. Now Rykard will able to deliver mixed attacks such as explosive spells, sweeping swords, and head jabs towards you. So make sure to use the fight and dodge fighting style.

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After following the fight and dodge tactics you can defeat the Rykard Loard of Blasphemy without getting much damage. Make sure to grab plenty of health flasks before entrancing into the fight.

Once you defeat the Rykard Loard of Blasphemy you will get  Remembrance of the Blasphemous and Rykard’s Great Rune as the reward. Reach the nearby Site of Grace and get Eye Surcoat from the copse.

After defeating the Rykard and collecting all the rewards you need to head back to the Volcano Manor and interact with Lady Tanith then return to the boss room.

Watch this YouTube video created by MythyMoo based on how to defeat Rykard Lord of Blasphemy.

This is the end of the Rykard Lord of Blasphemy guide for more helpful content does read our Elden Ring Guide.

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