Is Ark Cross Platform in 2022 (YES/NO)?

Is Ark Cross Platform: Ark is a really popular game nowadays, and millions of people are playing this game. 

It’s a survival game where people need to start from nothing and gather resources, hunt, Technologies, shelters, and upgrade themselves to be the strongest on the island. As a player, you need to upgrade your skills to tame dinosaurs and other creatures.

But many Ark fans want to know, “is Ark Cross-platform in 2021?”

Because if this happens, then it’s a big boom in this gaming industry where users can play together with their friends and take action and adventure to another level.

If you want to know the answer, then you’re at the right place. In this article we’ve given answers with detailed information and all your queries will be cleared in this article. 

So, let’s discuss “is Ark Cross-platform?” 

Ark Survival: Overview

It’s a survival game released on Linux, Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation in 2017. And later, it was launched on Android, iOS & Nintendo Switch in 2018.

This is a very action/adventure game where players need to start from survival on an island and start collecting Resources and upgrade themselves to be the strongest.

In this game, players should survive by crafting weapons and become strong against cruel dinosaurs and players. You’ll experience different types of Maps like deserts, jungles, beaches, etc.

In this game, you’ll see 176 types of dinosaurs and 100 types of weapons. As a player, you can explore worldwide on the map and do whatever you want – fighting with dinosaurs, thirst, fighting with enemies, and weather effects (sandstorm, Heavy rainfalls, etc.) It feels so real and challenging.

You can start collecting Resources and weapons to build your empire and fight with other enemies & creatures (giant spiderman etc.)

This game’s popularity is growing from time to time, and players are playing this game worldwide. Millions of people want to know – Is Ark Cross-platform? If this is possible, then this game will go to the next level of excitement and adventure.

Let’s see what’s the reality of Ark cross-platform!

is ark cross platform

Is Ark Cross-Platform?

Yes, Ark is cross-platform, but there are some Limited platforms where you can enjoy a cross-platform experience. This game is cross-platform for iOS & Android or Xbox & Windows 10 users.

If you have Xbox One or PlayStation, then you can’t play cross-platform. That’s why you need to fulfill the platform requirements if you want to do the best action/adventure with your friends.

We all know the benefits of Ark cross-platform, the fun is double, and you’ll love to spend more time in this game because now you’ve your friends. You’ll fight, survive, build an empire and become stronger from time to time. As a player, you need to collect maximum resources and level up. 

You can easily invite your friends and play with others. In Ark cross-platform, you don’t have many options; you can take cross-platform experience between Android/iOS and Xbox/Windows 10 only. So make sure if you’re planning to buy any PC for Gaming purposes and especially for Ark Cross-platform, then it should be Xbox/Windows 10. No other rumors are coming about other platforms available for cross-platform play.

Is Ark Cross-platform Android and iOS?

Yes, we’ve already discussed that Ark can be played cross-platform if you and your friend use Android/iOS devices. Even if you’re a different user, you can play this game together when you’re using Android and your friend has an iPhone. This is an amazing feature that helps you to play with your friends on mobile with high graphics. 

You can exactly experience the open world where you’ll hunt, survive, fight, collect resources and become stronger to fight with dinosaurs, enemies, and other creatures. Millions of people are playing this game on mobile with their friends, and they have a great time because they’re doing a lot of action/adventures in this game with their friends.

So if you’re an Ark fan and want to play this game and experience the open world where you can hunt dinosaurs and build your empire, then you can play with your friends on Android/iOS. There are no connecting issues, you can invite your friends, and they’ll enjoy it in seconds. Then you’ll start playing this game together and hunt some dinosaurs and creatures.

Is Ark Cross-Platform Xbox and Windows 10 PC?

Yes, If you’ve Xbox or Windows 10 PC, then congratulations because you’ve all the requirements that allow you to play this game cross-platform. Ark is cross-platform between Xbox & Windows 10 PC. If you and your friend have Xbox or Windows 10, then you can play this amazing action game together with your friends. There are different consoles for the Xbox and Windows 10 PC, but thanks to Ark Cross-platform, you’ll get console specifications that match your console architecture, and you can play easily on any Platform.

Many users play this game on Xbox & Windows 10 and enjoy it because of their actions/adventures. 

Surely, there’s a difference in graphics when comparing Xbox and Windows 10 PC gaming Graphics together; then there’s a bit of color difference and other elements. 

Is Ark Cross-Platform Xbox & PS4?

At this time, you can’t play with your friends because Ark is not cross-platform for Xbox & PS4. PlayStation and Xbox systems are not suitable as cross-platform. That’s why if you have Xbox or PS4, then you can’t play together with your friends. And later also, there are no rumors about an upcoming update for Xbox and PS4 gaming cross-platform. So it’s really bad news for Xbox and PS4 who want to play together with their friends. 

So if you’re still waiting for upcoming updates about Cross-platform, then let me clear you that please don’t wait for any update because Ark is not cross-platform for Xbox and PS4.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PS4 & PC?

Many people hope that this will support cross-platform, but it’s not. Ark games only support some platforms that we’ve already discussed above, but rather than there’s no other option available not for the future also for cross-platform. So if you’re waiting to play on PS4 & PC, then forget it because this game doesn’t support cross-platform play. You need supported devices to play this game with your friends. If you want to play, you need to buy a console or supported device that helps you to play games with your friends.

Till now, we didn’t get any notification or announcement of cross-platform for PlayStation and PC. 

Is Ark Cross-Platform Xbox & Mobile?

Some friends of yours have Xbox, but you only have Mobile, but both you’re Ark lovers then it’s sad news that Ark doesn’t support Xbox & Mobile. It means you, and you can’t play this game together if you have Xbox and mobile. The only possible way to play together with your friends is to buy another Xbox/Mobile. 

Previously we’ve already discussed which devices support ark cross-platform. The reason it is not cross-platform is that PlayStation has different consoles and controls, and PCs have different controls that allow them to share data. That’s why it’s hard to play games together because both devices are not compatible with each other.

As we’ve already discussed, if you want to play Ark with your friends and want to enjoy action/adventure, then you need to buy a device that supports Ark Cross-platform for you.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Even if you have a PlayStation, Nintendo is completely different, and both are not compatible with each other to play Ark cross-platform. Both have different architecture; both have different consoles and gaming Graphics that definition doesn’t match as per requirement. That’s why Ark cross-platform is not compatible with PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Probably we’ve covered almost all types of devices to see which device supports cross-platform and where you can play Ark with your friends. Now you’ve got a clear idea of which device is Supported for cross-platform.

is ark cross play PS4 and PC

In Short:

  • Ark survival game comes with cross-platform but only for some supported devices, i.e., Android/iOS, so that users can play with their friends and enjoy this game more adventurous and action. 
  • You can play cross-play between PC & Xbox one but make sure you’ve only purchased from Microsoft Store. Only then can you play with your friends together on these devices.
  • Ark cross-platform support PlayStation. You can play this game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PlayStation users can play this game together. Also, if you’ve Xbox series X/S, then you can also play this game. It supports cross-platform. 
  • Ark survival game is available on most platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac. Also, it supports mobile platforms, i.e., Android/iOS. Players can easily play this game as per their suitable devices.

But if you’re planning to play this game on Nintendo, then this is the worst decision. Because it doesn’t support cross-platform play, and you can’t play this game with others. 

Ark cross-platform is enabled but for limited devices, and if players want to enjoy this game with their friends, they need to buy the required devices.

We’ve discussed more Cross-platform and support for devices, but there are some more terms you need to know if you’re an Ark lover. Here are some terms we’ve discussed below in an easy manner.

#1 Cross-Play

Cross-Play means when you can play a game with your friends by using any device. No Matter which device you’re using, if this game enables Cross-Play, then you can invite and play games with your friends. You can use many platforms when you’ve Cross-Play enable games like Xbox one, PlayStation ⅘, PC, and Nintendo.

It’s great to play a Cross-Play enabled game because it enhances the experience, enjoyment, fun, and enthusiasm for playing more with friends. It’s really fun when you’ve no device limit, and you can play action/adventure games.

#2 Cross-Save

It’s a completely different thing but a really useful and important part that you need to know. Cross-Save enabled games to allow you to play games, do missions and save your file so that you can continue with that place. And if you want to switch your game from one device to another.

Cross-Save enables files that support other devices to save your files and continue the game from where you left. It’s a useful and necessary feature that the game should keep enabled. It’s amazing features when you’re playing a game and crosses level-15 on Xbox One; then, you can save this file and run it on your Android device. That’s cool! But make sure before playing any game that it enables Cross-Save. 

#3 Cross Generation

If you want to play games with your friends, you can consider those games that enable cross-generation. Cross generation means when you can play a game with multiplayer on different versions of the same device like PlayStation PS4 / PS5, you can play multiplayer mode. If it’s cross-generation mode enabled. 

These are some necessary key terms you need to know.

is ark cross platform Xbox and PC

Is Ark Cross-Platform or Cross-Generation?

We’ve discussed that this game is launched for many devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. That’s why it’s also available in different ways to play, so it’s obvious to have Cross-Play enabled in this game.

Cross generation is enabled by Ark survival, and it’s best for those who want to play with their friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the is Ark cross-play with complete explanations by our gaming experts.

Is Ark cross-platform for all platforms?

No, it’s not for all platforms. If you want to experience the cross-platform, you can use Android/iOS and Xbox/Windows PC devices to play with your friends. Only these platforms are allowed for cross-platform.

What if I want to play Ark on PS4/5 & PC?

It’s impossible to play this game on different platforms as we’ve already discussed that Ark is cross-platform only on limited devices. That’s why you can’t play this game on different platforms.

Can Ark console players play with PCs?

You should know that PlayStation or Nintendo Switch can’t play with PCs. If you have an Xbox one, you can easily play this game and enjoy the full of Action/adventure. So make sure if you want to enjoy this game with your friends, then you have an Xbox console.

Can I Play Ark with PS4 Players on PC?

It’s not possible to play Ark with PS4 Players on PC. You’re using a PC; then, you can’t expect to get PS4 players in your PC game because companies created games especially for PCs.

Is Ark Crossplay between Steam & Xbox possible?

No, it only plays Ark with PC, Mac, or Linux.

Is Ark’s survival cross-platform between Xbox & PC?

Yes, Ark cross-platform is enabled between Xbox & PC. But it’s only possible when you download from the Microsoft store.

How to Play Ark Cross-platform?

There are mainly two ways to play Ark cross-platform, i.e., Android/iOS and Xbox/Windows. If you have these devices, you’ll play ark cross-platform and enjoy its action/adventures.

How do I Play with my Friends on Ark Private Server?

If you want to play ark cross-platform on a private server, you need to follow some given steps.  First, you need to open the Ark and select the second option, “Host Local . In noncase, give join Ark”.Now you’ll see a screen where you have the option to modify the server settings and Enable mods. Directly you can change options as per your requirements. 

Can you make a private server on Ark PS4?

That’s why PlayStation gives features to create private servers. So yes, you can make a private server on PlayStation easily. If you want to play privately with your friends and do some action/adventure, then a private server gives you the best experience.

Can you buy a server for Ark on Xbox one?

The Ark server for Xbox one is officially available. You can go to the Nitrado App on your Xbox One or Windows. And then, you can install a server on Xbox one.

Can you Add Mods to the Nitrado Ark server?

This is an exciting part of gaming. To make modding easy, we use Nitrado. It’s an automatic installation Feature that comes in games like Ark Survival, Space Engineers, and Conan Exiles.

Q – How do you rent a Nitrado Ark server on Xbox one?

There’s a step-by-step process you need to follow to rent a Nitrado Ark server. Here’s the process we’ve given below:

Step #1 Go to Microsoft Store.

Step #2 Install Nitrado App on Xbox One/Windows

Step #3 Install the application, login with Nitrado Account

Step #4 Logged in, “Order page,” you can rent/ Install your own Nitrado Ark server.

It’s a simple process you can follow to rent a Nitrado ark server.

Final Verdict

Finally, Ark is clear that it is cross-platform, but it’s only enabled between Android/iOS and Windows/Xbox devices. And if you want to play this game with your friends.

Make sure you’ve Android/iOS devices to play this game together. That’s why we’ve covered everything about Ark survival cross-platform and all your queries covered in this article. We hope it’s helpful content for you.

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