How To Change Reticle Color in Apex Legends

When it one to first-person shooting games such as Apex Legends the most important thing that players need to focus on is Reticle and its color. If you looking for the preferred guide that shows how you can change your Reticle Color in Apex Legends then you’re in luck today.

Here we featured a guide that helps you to know the complete process of changing the Reticle color in the Apex Legends without having a hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

how to change reticle color apex

Change Reticle Color in Apex Legends

In order to change the color of the Reticle you need to follow mentioned step-by-step instructions carefully.

1. Launch the Apex Legends and go to Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see the Gameplay tab and then navigate to the Reticle section and click on Customize button as shown in the below image.

changing reticle color in apex
how to change reticle color apex

3. You can pick the color of the Reticle from the 4 default colors or else you can use the Color Slider to pick your preferred color.

reticle color change in apex
how to change reticle color apex

4. Practice with the new reticle color by shooting bots and moving targets to know how reticle color works in the game.

In case you’re confused to get the perfect Reticle Color, in this case, you the Current box is given at the right bottom of the screen and enter the Hex Code that you can get from any third-party website such as and more.

After changing the Reticle Color make sure to test it on bots and moving targets and if all things seem perfect then you can use it the game.

This is sum up the guide to changing Reticle Color in Apex Legends for more helpful content do read our Apex Legends Guides.

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