How To Spoof Locations in Pokemon Go Guide

Here we have shared information about spoofing your location in Pokemon Go. As we all Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games and most players search for the spoof location trick. Here we have explained it how you can spoof your location in Pokemon Go.

Spoof Location in Pokemon Go

Here are some methods that worked for the Pokemon Go players in order to Spoof their location in the game.

Step 1:

Start by locating the “Pokemon GO” app on your mobile device. Then, head over to “Settings” and go to the “Privacy” option.

Step 2:

Next, locate the “Web & App Activity” setting and turn it on. Then, go back to the previous menu and locate the last package that includes Google Play Services.

Step 3:

Finally, select this option in order to turn on Google Location History for Pokemon GO so that you need to spoof your location only when you want to play this game. This will help you to play this game without being tracked on your WiFi device.

Step 4:

When all of these steps have been completed, you will access the Pokemon GO app and say that you are located in another city. This location will then be used as your home base and other players within the game can see your location.

Note: If you at any point decide to uninstall the app or uninstall it, disable the Google Play Service app so that the spoofing feature doesn’t work anymore. You will still see Pokemon GO’s location information because that data is already stored from previous sessions with this application.

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Changing Pokemon GO GPS Location

Many people have played Pokemon GO in many countries and they want to play it in other countries. Because it is impossible to move, they prefer to modify their location so that they can play the game in another location.

Many people are afraid of spoofing because they think that it’s illegal. However, the game was designed for this purpose and the game will only connect you to your country when you start playing it. Playing this game without being identified as a place where you live is illegal but for other applications, it’s just illegal if you get caught.

Step 1:

First, you need to identify the application that will help you modify your location. There are many applications that can help you do this, but we recommend using Proximity from Google Play Store or Apple Store. This application has been specifically designed for helping to modify your GPS location in different locations.

Proximity Service

Step 2:

You need to download and install the Proximity application on any Android device that can connect to the internet. After you complete these steps, open the application and select your country as well as your country code of origin so that it matches with what you want to represent.

Step 3:

You have completed the simple task of modifying your GPS location on your device using Proximity and you will now be able to play the game in any location that you want. You can choose to change your location as often as you want to depend on where you are or where you are going.

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Step 4:

Now, launch the Pokemon GO application and enter a few details about yourself. Then, start playing it just by accessing the same wifi network to which you are connected but in a different country.

VPN for Spoofing Pokemon GO

For more safety, you need to use a VPN to spoof your location so that you can play Pokemon GO without being identified as the country where you live.

vpn for gaming

However, there are many different types of VPN services and not all of them will work for this game. Therefore, we are going to help you choose the best VPNs that work for Pokemon GO and also explain how to use them step by step.

Step 1:

The first step is to choose a VPN app that features a free trial version on their website. You should also look for a free VPN app on any Android device that can help you spoof your location. Then, you need to download and install the app and enter a few details.

Step 2:

Many VPN apps will ask you to enter your username, email address, and even your credit card number in order to sign in. However, we suggest using a dummy email account so that no one will be able to access your email address just by looking at this application.

Step 3:

You also need to use a virtual credit card so that no one is able to take out money from your credit card or bank account. Once you have created your dummy email account, you can use it whenever appropriate.

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Many people have been using this app but you should always keep in mind that this app is a pseudonymous account and if someone gets hold of this information, there is no way to know who has used it. Therefore, we suggest using a different dummy email and virtual credit card for each time that you play Pokemon GO.

Step 4:

You can now enjoy playing Pokemon GO without having to worry about being identified as the country where you live because all of these details are hidden on your virtual credit card and email account. You will only be connected to your VPN when you start playing the game.

Step 5:

You can use these steps for any app like Pokemon GO or any other location-based mobile application that you want to visit. However, usually, these applications require you to provide some information in order to play them but it’s not necessary for this app to work in your country.

All you need is a VPN and after that, all you need is a fake email address and virtual credit card that you can keep as long as you want them without anyone knowing who uses them.

Video Guide:

Hopefully, you find this article helpful in order to know how you can spoof in Pokemon Go. But we do not recommend you to do the spoofing in Pokemon Go because there is a risk of your account will be banned.

This is all for this guide for similar content do read our Pokemon Go Guides for more helpful information such as how to get more pokeballs or how to get free pokecoins and more.