Fortnite: How To Get Bot Lobbies

During the beginning of a new Fortnite season, the initial matches are relatively easier compared to the competitive games played in the previous season. This is because every player’s level gets reset and even the most skilled players encounter bots in the early matches. 

As you advance into the season, the frequency of encountering bots decreases, and you’ll face fewer bots in your games, making it more challenging to progress if your skills aren’t up to par.

How To Enter Bot Lobbies in Fortnite

fortnite bot lobby
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Play With New Players

Teaming up with a new player is another approach you can take. Look for new players you can join forces with and, during their initial matches, they will be placed in a lobby with mostly bots. If you team up with them, you will also be matched with these bots. 

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However, this technique may not be effective in the long run since the other player’s account will eventually progress out of the bot matches.

Create a New Fortnite Account

If you desire to practice more in bot lobbies, there are methods available to do so. One way is to create an alternate account or invite a level one account to your party, tricking the system into believing you are a new player. You can create a new account on a different device and invite yourself to your primary account’s lobby. 

As you start queuing together, the system will avoid placing you and your new account in the most challenging matches, and you should be able to enter a lobby with a significant number of bots.

Play Fortnite in Limited Pool

When considering player level, Fortnite typically includes bots in lobbies when there are more players in the matchmaking pool. However, you can access matches with a limited pool of players by changing your region to a different time zone or disabling cross-platform compatibility. In these scenarios, you’ll begin to encounter bots to decrease the queue time in your matches.

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Try Fortnite Maps such as Creative

Fortnite offers a plethora of creative maps, many of which include bots. Additionally, there are creative maps that have their own matchmaking pool, enabling you to compete against other players who are playing the same map.

It’s worth noting that although bots in Fortnite can sometimes be challenging opponents, their shooting accuracy still requires significant improvement.

Nevertheless, battling against bots is usually decent practice for novice and experienced players. Skilled players can use bots as target practice, while newcomers can familiarize themselves with Fortnite‘s gameplay mechanics.

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