Fortnite: How to Bounce on Different Hop Flowers

Fortnite has added a new set of challenges to the weekly missions. This is an excellent chance for players to get XP and level up, as well as give gamers something to focus on while playing.

This time, they must bounce on three separate hop blossoms without landing. This task may be challenging if you don’t know where these objects are.

The good news is they can spawn in a few places on the map. They should all provide you with the chance to fulfill this quest. Here’s where to go and what to do once you arrive.

How to bounce on different Hop Flowers

Here’s how to bounce on different Hop Flowers without landing in Fortnite.

Hop Flowers Locations in Fortnite

hop flower fortnite
Hop Flowers Spawning Locations in Fortnite / Image via

The first task is to locate hop blossoms on which to bounce. Fortunately, all hop flower spawns in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 are in the map’s center. This means that practically every bus route will be close enough to this location for you to get there effortlessly.

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How To Bounce on the Hop Flower 

You can bounce on the first hop blossom you see. It will lift you into the air, allowing you to see the other hop blossoms. It must be possible to land on it without hitting the ground, and you will bounce quite high, giving you time to maneuver.

Bounce on the Remaining Hop Flowers 

You must locate the other flower and shoot for it while in the air. It’s hardly the simplest thing in the world, but you can float through the air and end up precisely above it.

You will have accomplished the challenge after successfully jumping from three separate flowers without landing, and the XP reward will be all yours that’s how to bounce on different Hop Flowers in Fortnite as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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