How To Get Divinity in Destiny 2? Expalined

Here we cover how to get divinity in Destiny 2 steps for unlocking this rifle are connected to Shadowkeep’s Raid Garden of Salvation so get ready for a raiding army.

That said, besides the raid, you can take a few actions on your own that we suggest before you get together and start.

The Exotic raid of the Divinity Destiny 2 was secretly one of the most powerful weapons. This Exotic Rifle uses the debuff that stuns and hurts the enemies and can shut down angry champions, such as dignified captains, by its overload impact immediately.

Your Exotic hunt is a bit doozy – you’re going to have to beat your raid and some effort is needed to start the thing. We have therefore established a quick guide showing how and where Exotic Destiny 2 can be launched.

How to Get Divinity in Destiny 2

Here’s a short description of the steps required to attain Divine intervention:

  • Travel in Moon Patrol to Lunar battlefields and clear Vex enemies in pursuit.
  • Scan Oracles inside the three sectors of Nessus Lost
  • Kill the moon’s Vex enemies to get decryption cores,
  • Invest 30 fantastic fragments to purchase an empowered decryption centre
  • Drive the redemption raid in the Garden and finish the seven puzzles.
  • Divinity is all yours with that done.

How to begin the Exotic Destiny 2 search?

We are heading to the Moon, as you might have guessed. Go north-east to Sorrow Harbour and walk south-east along the right wall. The Lunar Battlefield will open the first project of the Shadow Conservation Campaign. However, this time, we hang a hard left when we come into the open area and all the totems in the grottoes on the far wall.

The large Vex portal lives in and out of the cave and enemies start rising. There’s nothing special, just a lot of Vex. Keep killing them before spawning a Minotaur boss what? This object now has to be decrypted. We’ll go to Nessus to look at three missing fields for this reason.

How To Get Divinity
how to get divinity quest

Start at Artifact’s Edge and head to the nearby Lost Sector of Orrery. Look for a small chamber on the upper rim of the left wall once you get into the main, blue-lit room.

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Head inside, activate the Oracle, destroy the spawning dudes, and then activate the Oracle again. In the other two Missing Fields, we’ll do the same thing with the Oracles.

In The Tangle, Ancient Haunt is the second Lost Sector. This Oracle is in a small cave on the left wall located roughly halfway through the Lost Sector. It’s right around where the boss is, so you really can’t miss it. 

The third Lost Sector is the Conflux in the Cistern. Zoom over there and head back to the main room with all the Cabal enemies in it. Look for a large bronze pillar on the right side, scale it, and use it as a foothold to reach another small chamber on the right wall.

 First, anywhere in the action, you’re going to need to kill 120 Vex. The latest Vex aggressive operation is the place to be, so search our Destine 2 Eyes on the Moon guide, if you haven’t unlocked it.

30 Phantasmal Particles must be gathered before 120 VEX is killed and used to purchase a special object on the moon at the lights. The Nightmares in the harbour of Sorrow’s destroyed or Nightmare Hunts completed may be cultivated.

We would choose the latter since you can obtain the Nightmare Hunts Essences, plus they’re usually more enjoyable than killing Ogre after Ogre. Get your 30 particles in any event, head to the Lectern near Eris and buy the piece.

How to launch a search for Divinity in Destiny 2?

Though Godhead is the Exotic attached to the Salvation Gardens, you have to take some steps away from the Raid first.

First, pick up the quest you are going to do in the Celestial Battlegrounds Patrol area on the Moon.

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You have to go south to get to Sorrow’s harbour, and you come to a red bridge looking south. Take the road across the bridge to the battlefields on the moon.

When you leave the bridge, turn left and follow the cliff wall to a cave.

A Vex Gate is in the basement, exposing the Vex spawning groups.

Clear them all before Zeteon, Redemptive Mind’s boss, springs up, drops a quest called What’s this? ‘The first phase of the Divine Fragmentation search.

Where should Vex Cores be located as part of the Divine Fragmentation search?

 Oracles in Nessus have to be looked for in 3 missing areas. Both are located in side rooms which are easy to miss. It has to be scanned again when you encounter one with a small number of enemies.

The Vex Center positions are as follows:

Old Haunt: Mainly a path that leads in a clockwise direction is this Lost Field. Approximately halfway up, you’re going to encounter some rocks – one bigger to the left and one more in the middle.

  • To find an Oracle cave, follow the larger rock to the left of the wall.
  • Look up left to see some wall ledges about halfway up.
  • Check out the corridors and find a hidden passage inside Oracle, which then leads to a small room.

The Conflux: A large space with different energy beams reaching between the floor and the ceiling. Search for the first power beam to the right.

  • Look right now to see a series of ledges in the wall leading to a zone, bronze being the last step.
  • Get up and find a place with the Vex Heart and the Oracle spot.
  • All three done, you can unlock the ‘Defragmentation’ stage as part of the broader quest for divine fragmentation.

How to complete the step of defragmentation as part of the search for Divine Fragmentation?

This step includes defragmenting 120 main components of decryption. To do this, you must kill Vex on the Moon.

These can be found in Vex invasions – if the Vex inside even drops the decryption core and you have not finished your Moon Eyes and trigger the Vex Offensive process, it is worth it.

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You must then purchase an approved core for decryption until it is completed. By spending 30 awesome fragments on the Enchantment lectern, you get this. Fantastic fragments come from the destruction of nightmares or the direct purchasing of the Lectern of Sorcery.

When that’s over, it’s time to go to the Garden of Heaven.

The season picked is the new season of February, incorporating the prestige of proving hammer, cabal gold and the War Table. Also available are new exotics, a max level limit and sunset list, and testing for the impact factor. If you still get up with Beyond Light, you will be able to grab the grasp of Redemption.

The Lament, the Hawkmoon – which can be further enhanced by the Harbinger hunt – and increasing triumphs. We explain, along with XP farm advice and Glimmer farm advice for the next year, What we know about Crossplay and Transmog Destiny 2.

How does the Garden of Salvation to obtain Divinity?

The Garden of Salvation includes seven puzzles, all of which focus on the mechanics of the raid. All six players must be tied between meetings in different ways.

Make sure that you finish this move and at the beginning of the raid, leave the cliff and turn around to find the hidden room, even though each player takes part in these puzzles. Here’s a node you could turn on.

The seven puzzles are best seen because they require putting players in particular patterns, rather than being clarified.

Let the final boss down when they’re all 7 puzzles – just take a lap. A second Divine chest follows the final loot, completing the quest.

This is all for how to get divinity in Destiny 2 for more similar guides do check our Destiny 2 guides section.

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