Destiny 2: Buzzard Adept God Roll How To Get ?

Every season of Destiny 2 comes with a limited selection of exclusive Nightfall weapons in rotation. There are several Nightfall weapons in Destiny 2. But for the 21st season, Season of the Deep, there are currently 6 Night-fall weapons on rotation, meaning one will drop every week.

Buzzard Adept is one of the six Night-fall weapons currently in rotation. Buzzard is a sidearm gun in Destiny 2 and is very underrated among the players, but Buzzard is an excellent sidearm choice for PvE. Overall, Buzzard is a B-Tier weapon but a relatively good weapon choice for a sidearm.

If you’re confused about how to get this NIght-fall Weapon in Destiny 2, don’t worry; I have created a perfect guide for you in this guide.

Buzzard Adept Stats

buzzard destiny 2
buzzard destiny 2

Before understanding how to get this sidearm in Destiny 2, let’s look at its stats.

Type Stat 
Impact 49
Range 36
Stability 67
Handling 51
Reload speed 30
Aim Assistance 89
Inventory Size44
Zoom 12
Airborne Effectiveness12
Recoil 94
Rounds Per Minute300
Magazine 15

How to get Buzzard in season 21 of Destiny 2?

As I mentioned, there are currently 6 Nightfall-exclusive weapons in rotation in Destiny 2 Season of Deep. With one dropping each week. For you to farm the Buzzard sidearm once every six weeks.

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Once you unlock the Buzzard sidearm in your collections, you can purchase additional copies from Zavala’s Focused Decoding Screen. Each weapon will cost you the following:

  • 1 Vanguard Engram
  • 25 Legendary Shards 
  • 20,000 Glimmer 

Buzzard is a good choice for a sidearm in PvE, and it will give you perks like:

  • Perpetual motion
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm 
  • Kinetic Tremors 
  • Frenzy 

That’s all on the Nightfall Weapon for the Season of Deep in Destiny 2 and how you can get it to hope this guide clears all your confusion.

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