How to Get to Pandaria? Explained

Wonders, how to get to Pandaria well in the days of vanilla, World Warcraft still had a very large map. The size of the land has only grown larger and larger with every new WoW expansion.

It was sometimes just an extra region tied to the original continental, but in this case, it’s a whole island south of the country. Indeed, given the scale of the rest of the planet, it is very high, and hence it has been a substantial increase.

Pandaria is undoubtedly one of World Warcraft’s most stunning and picturesque continents. You have many different choices depending on the level of your character if you are looking to get to Pandaria.

Of course, the island is not easy to reach, and, once you have reached level 85, you cannot even start thinking about doing so.

So you could have to come back if you meet the minimum level if you are at a lower level! Otherwise, there are numerous ways to enter Pandaria depending on the community and region in which you live.

How You Can Get To Pandaria?

how to get to pandaria from stormwind
How to Get to Pandaria (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

You cannot use the Portals in Stormwind or Orgrimmer to enter Pandaria if your character is not of a high standard and you have not previously been to Pandaria. Rather, to reach Pandaria and enable the portal for the very first time, you would need to do an introduction quest.

Developers know you definitely loved World of Warcraft: Pandaría’s Mists. It’s hard but incredible. That’s hard. There will be hundreds of thousands of visitors. And as the search goes on, you will move more and more away from the “centre.” And search after search.

But about Pandaria you’ve heard a lot, right? It’s a simulated location in a World of Warcraft game. After more than the break

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The place was packed with mystical fog ten thousand years ago. The wars devastated Pandaria’s ancient empire. Its green trees, cloudy mountains and several rare species contain an advanced ecosystem. It is the home of the mysterious Pandaren, the first neutral race of Warcraft, a race which celebrates its entire existence, even if under siege by prehistoric threats.

Why Would You Want to Go Pandaria?

Pandaria is made up of many secret treasures, objects and resources, so WOW players want to go there often. I’ve mentioned some of Pandaria’s key attractions.

  • Treasures of Pandaria
  • Rare Spawns Rewards
  • Additional Elites Spawns

Pandaria Map

To enter Pandaria is based on your wishes, which means that you can go to Pandaria whenever you want.

In a nutshell, you will be able to reach Pandaria through a Stormwind or Orgrimmar website, which normally pops up automatically once you reach level 85 as long as your account contains the Mists client key. On the map screen, if you float over an area, it will tell you the proposed level to be searched for.

Pandaria Map
How To Get To Pandaria from Stormwind (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

New quests from Orgrimmar and Stormwind will carry the players to Pandaria. The searches are simple and easy to ensure that players reach Pandaria as soon as they can.

Most significantly, check out the mists of weapons that are stationed at level 85 in cities. There will be no easy and conventional way to get there, such as zeppelins and airships, and portals to the Jade Forest will connect with the rest of the world.

In the Alliance, the Pandaria Portal is located in Tushui Pandaren, the Eastern Shrine in Stormwind City and the Paw’don Village guides are nearby. Let’s describe both paths:

Hero’s Call: Jade Forest, Alliance Players!

Alliance players want to find the Hero’s Call board “The Jade Forestry” and then press the “Stormwind Report” button under it, to get the search “Hero’s Call: Jade Forest!” You are welcome! “Accept the quest and report to Stormwind Keep afterwards.

A cutscene play will be shown, and Rell Nightwind will be checked for outside Stormwind Hold. Unlock the portal, you may want to continue the search.

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Warchief’s Command Horde Players: Jade Forest!

On the Hero’s call board, Horde players will find “the Jade Forest” and then click on the “Report on Grommash Keep” button below, which gives them the search “Order of Warchief Jade Forest! “Accept the search and report back to Grommash Keep.

You’ll see a cutscene game, and then you’ll go to Grommash Keep for General Nazgrim. Unlock the portal, you may want to continue the search.

how to get to pandaria from dalaran
How to Get to Pandaria

How to Get from Stormwind to Pandaria?

Now you need to head to Stormwind Keep to get the pursuit that lets you enter if you have reached level 85 and have Mist of Pandaria extended. Only walk in and cause a scenario you can see, and if not, simply remove a search to clear your search log.

Also note that if you have bought the Level 90 upgrade, occasionally you will skip to the next section of the cutscene bug.

You will face an elf named Rell Nightwind when the cutscene ends, who offers you another search called ‘The Project.’ Do not even ask, You’ll have to fly to a huge flying gunship called Stormfire north of Stormwind harbour.

There’s Sky Admiral Rogers, with whom you have to chat and who’s going to launch the trip to Pandaria. You’re all set until you do that! In Pandaria, you’re going to find yourself.

How to Get from Orgrimmar to Pandaria?

For the Horde, the search line with just a few different names is the same.

Again, once you reach level 85 and have the expansion of the Mists of Pandaria, go to the Grommash Keep in Orgrimmar. You can accept ‘All Aboard’ once you’re out of the cutscene. ‘Search that takes you to Orgrimmar east of the Lake. Once there you must enter the airship and locate General Nazgrim who is going to follow the actual search for Pandaria.

And this is it! And this is it! Straightforward right?

How to Get to Back to Pandaria

Okay, so what if you’ve finished the hunt and want to come back to Pandaria?

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You must enter the East Earthshire to the northwest of Stormkeep for the Alliance. Go west from there and look at a bunch of stuff that looks like Pandaren, particularly a bow and a large hot air balloon, to tell you where it is. You can find thereafter you’ve tapped, a portal that Ang the Wise has cast in the neighbourhood.

You need to go to Ogrimmar for the Horde and then to the Honor Valley in the most eastern part of the region. You will possibly see at that stage (or on the way) camping in Pandaren, with the hot air ball telltale. In the vicinity of Ji Firepaw you will find a portal, click on it and you will all be in position!

Some Tips to Help Getting to Pandaria

First of all, be aware that you may come to Pandaria from Dalaran as well. You’ll find a bunch of portals that, if you visit the Windrunner Sanctuary, will be one for the Jade Forest.

Another thing to bear in mind if you want to visit Pandaria regularly is to make your hot stone somewhere so that you do not have to go back through the whole process.

Also, the quest will need to be re-established if you eventually change a faction. So do not freak out too much if you can not go to Pandaria immediately after switching factions.

Only follow the process here, locate the people who make the searches and always check your search log to find out whether it’s complete or if you have the search.

Final Thoughts

We are sure you find some information here, As you can see, irrespective of the group you are in, Pandaria is a pretty simple process. So go out, enjoy yourself in the magical and strange country of the Pandas, and not too much kung fu.

Hopefully, you find this guide on how to get to pandaria helpful. In case you’ve any questions regarding this article feel free to ask using the comment box.

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