Destiny 2 This item is Not Currently Available How To fix

In online games like Destiny 2, it’s common to face errors. These errors can be from the developer’s side or from your device. It can be fixed by some regular troubleshooting methods. It’s not a big task to do.

But the Destiny 2 “this item is not currently available” is not some regular error you face in Destiny 2. Sometimes, it might just be a bug that you are facing due to a device or the internet. Here we have listed quite a few reasons why are you facing Destiny 2 This Item is Not currently Available in the shop. 

Why am I Facing Destiny 2: This Item Is Not Available Currently Error

In quite rare conditions the servers are not loaded up with recent upgrades made by developers. So when you try to purchase any particular item and if that item is removed from the Games then while doing it you might lead to This Item Is Not Currently Available in Destiny 2. 

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Many users have complained about this error after the recent update. So after the update, many items are removed from the game server and if you try to acquire them then you might encounter this error in your device. 

Other than that, your game license is not functioning. As per your consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, Steam, or Epic Games Store, you might have to regain access to the license to make any further purchases in Destiny 2

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How Can I Fix Destiny 2: This Item Is Not Available Currently Error?

Furthermore, we have listed some hacks that can help you to solve Destiny 2 This Item Is Not Currently Available Error. 

Check Bungie Update

After the new update, a developer might have diminished an item from Destiny 2. If they do anything like that they might have announced that before the update. If that item is not part of the game content anymore and it’s still appearing you just might have to report that bug. In that case, you won’t be able to fix this error for sure.

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Game Licence Fix

You have to restore your game license from your respective Destiny 2 source. You can restore the game license from their source such as PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Epic Game Store.

Due to license error, some of the things are not quite purchasable in the expansion. If your required item falls into Purchasable Extension then you have to check your game license first. 

If it’s bugs fill out Help Forum

After checking all those things you have to consider it as a bug and report that issue to developers. After the update, many users face the bug to some extent. For this only solution is the developers to notice this bug and add it to the hotfix. 

Troubleshooting method

A bad internet connection or low ram of the device leads to lots of errors. If the game is not completely loaded on your device and you try to purchase that then you might face this issue. For this, you have to do this thing:

  • Check the internet connection
  • Restart the device
  • Uninstall and reinstall game
  • Make sure files are not corrupted. 
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You have to check the Bungie Twitter page if any of the items are removed after a recent update. So you have to check that tweet and confirm that the item is still in the game. Regain access to your game license from your source. And at last, there are some troubleshooting methods that are always handy.