How To Fram Argon Crystal In Warframe

Argon Crystal is one of the rarest resources in the Warframe. Particularly it is used to decay the time out of the void and get it not easily similar to other resources in the game.

Players can use these crystals to craft lots of weapons in Warfare and crafting the Greater Lenses.

The best way to get lots of Argon Crystal in Warframe is to farm. Here we have covered all information that might help you to know how and where you can farm the Argon Crystal in Warframe without having a hassle.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

warframe argon crystal farm

Where You Can Farm Argon Crystal?

These are some of the best planets in Warframe where players can farm the Argon Crystal without worrying about the lesser amount. Because these planets offer high drop rates that might helpful for farming Argon Crystal.

1.Ukko (Void)

Ukko mission
crystal warframe

Ukko is a capture mission located on the Void planet in which the player needs to capture the target and return to the extraction. This is a simple mission that can be completed within a few minutes once the player captured the target. Players can kill the remaining enemies and farm the Argon Crystal.

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2. Ani (Void)

Ani mission
crystal warframe

Ani is a survival mission this is also one of the best places to farm the Argon Crystal. The mission has a limited number of enemies. In this mission players not only farm Argon crystals but also other resources like Hydroid or Nekros. You can get the Argon Crystal by destroying the Argon Pegmatites and you need to find it on the map.

3. Oxomoco (Void)

Oxomoco mission
crystal warframe

If you want more killing along with farming the Argon Crystal then it’s one of the best missions for you. It’s an extermination mission and you can use the  Saryn or Ember to kill all the enemies and simply search for the Argon Pegmatites on the map.

This is all for the Argon Crystal guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all gaming-related information. If interested you can read more similar content through Warframe Guides to find out more about the game.

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