Best Helminth Ability for Hildryn (Dec. 2022)

Hildryn is a character in the game of Sword and Shadow, is a half-female elf. However, her family has been cursed by a demon due to an unknown offence. As a result, Hildryn has been cursed with “helminth blood,” which gives her an unusual set of powers.

The player takes on the role of Hildryn as she battles enemies and collects power-ups that help her in various ways. There are ten different weapons in total, and each weapon has its own set of abilities that can be activated during gameplay.

Hildryn’s helminth blood gives the player special abilities such as summoning demons or causing explosions with just one hit. The player also gains access to magical abilities such as flight or invisibility when they collect enough power.

best helminth ability for hildryn

How To Craft Hildryn?

You’ll need to be at level 30 and have an Exploiter Orb in your inventory to craft this item. The Hildryn will then cost 500 vox to craft with light blue ores, and it will take 1 hour of crafting time. From there, you will end up with one Hildryn with 50 charges.

The maximum number of charges that you can hold is 100, so each charge costs around 0.5 vox per charge, which means that a single Hildryn plus its related crafting materials would cost. The main blueprint provides all the crafting materials for this class and its abilities.

Fortuna will give you inspiration for your skills and attributes, including your unique stats such as Spirit, Health, and maximum Energy.

Exploiter Orb is what you use to improve your items in Fortuna before you make them into items by killing enemies with them. Orb Vallis will provide you with the next tier ability.

Hildryn Blueprint

How To Obtain

Little Duck, Fortuna – 5000 Standing

Needed Materials

  • 25,000 Credits
  • x1 Hildryn Neuroptics
  • x1 Hildryn Chassis
  • x1 Hildryn Systems
  • x3 Orokin Cell Crafting Time 72 Hours

Hildryn Chassis

How To Obtain

Defeating Exploiter Orb – Orb Vallis, Venus

Needed Materials

  • 15,000 Credits
  • x2 Lazulite Toroid
  • x2 Nitain Extract
  • x90 Thermal Sludge
  • x2300 Rubedo Crafting Time 12 Hours

Hildryn Neuroptics

How To Obtain

Defeating Exploiter Orb – Orb Vallis, Venus

Needed Materials

  • 15,000 Credits
  • x2 Lazulite Toroid
  • x1 Argon Crystal
  • x85 Mytocardia Spore
  • x1600 Circuits Crafting Time 12 Hours

Hildryn Systems

How To Obtain

Defeating Exploiter Orb – Orb Vallis, Venus

Needed Materials

  • 15,000 Credits
  • x2 Lazulite Toroid
  • x2 Tellurium
  • x95 Gorgaricus Spore
  • x1500 Plastids Crafting Time 12 Hours

Hildryn Abilities

Hildryn is a new character who can use two passive abilities in battle. One of her abilities is called an advance shield, which allows her to absorb damage and gain energy, while the other ability is called Balefire Chargers.

Hildryn Abilities exemplifies how the game has evolved with new skills and abilities that players can use to make their characters unique. Exalted Weapon: Gives Hildryn an additional damage bonus when she is at low health Hildryn’s Abilities are an example of how the game has evolved with new skills and abilities that players can use to make their characters unique.


Balefire is a fire-based ability that was introduced in the Grim Dawn expansion. It can be used to damage enemies and destroy objects. This ability is unique because it has a cooldown time and can only be used once daily.

The cooldown time is reset after every kill, so players have to think carefully before using this ability as it might not affect the next enemy they encounter. Balefire has been compared to other abilities like Meteor Shower or Arcane Orb because of its unique use cases and the fact that it can only be used once per day.

Pillage was a new ability introduced in Pokémon X and Y. It allowed Pokémon to steal items from other players. This ability has been controversial because it can be used even when the player doesn’t have any own items.


Pillage is a powerful and useful mechanic that can force opponents into unfavourable situations. For example, if you are playing as a defensive team, you can use pillage to steal the enemy’s gold so that they cannot afford items and weapons.

What are the best Hildryn Builds?

The Blazing Pillage build is a melee-based melee build with high damage output and quick movement. This build is great for fighting enemies up close but not for ranged combat.

It has a great synergy with the Flame Scepter as it has a fast attack speed and can deal tons of damage. The Blazing Pillage Build takes advantage of this passive skill to deal high amounts of damage and use it to clear out mobs quickly.

Because the build focuses on dealing with damage, it has no room for support skills such as healing or protection. Children Build a popular build in the game. It is a fast-paced build that revolves around dealing high amounts of damage, taking advantage of the passive skill on Hildryn’s Band of Fire.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Best Helminth Ability For Hildryn with complete information.

Is Hildryn any good Warframe?

To enhance the effective ranges of plunder and Aegis Storm, Hildryn is best used with a range mod. Balefire is already a powerful ranged attack, but the enhancements will make it even more so. The Intensity and Continuity constructions can both work, however the Stretch mod is more practical due to the shield costs.

Can Hildryn use subsumed abilities?

Hildryn, the Herculean cyborg, fortifies her comrades’ defences with her robust bulk as enemy barricades fall under her overpowering might.

Does gloom work on Hildryn?

Gloom on Hildryn is one of the most entertaining support frames I’ve attempted in a long time. Enemies are slowed, and friends gain life while their shields are boosted and hostile status effects are removed. So delicious. However, I switched her Aegis Storm with Gloom in the process.

How many abilities can you Helminth?

The Helminth can only have a certain amount of subjugated abilities, which can be raised by increasing the Metamorphosis rank. It is not possible to subsume the same Warframe twice. The currently equipped Warframe must be transported to the Helminth Infirmary to be subsumed.

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