How To Get Every Lost in Lost Ark (2024)

Lost Ark is an online massively multiplayer role-playing game. It is a top-down 2.5d fantasy game. Lost ark is developed by smilegate, tripod studio, smilegate entertainment, and smilegate RPG, inc.

A quest in a little lovely music lost ark is a mission or a task that a player or team of players in a little lovely music lost ark, together or individually have to complete to earn rewards, the more quests you will complete the more rewards you will get, and the harder the quest the greater the reward.

In the lost ark, you get XP, such as combat XP, roaster XP, silver, items, and much you need to complete quests as many as possible but there are some quotes in which players are often confused. Out of them, one is a lively music quest.

a little lovely music lost ark

What is a lively music quest?

Well at first it may seem very simple all you need to do is play exciting music to complete the quest but no what confuses players is it does not specify what kind of music or which music and how you have to do it.

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It is a cooperative quest which means you need good players who can sync with you. This quest is found in roaring Rowe island which is south of the Verne continent.

How to complete a lively music quest?

First, you need to go to the center of the island as there’s a dance floor in a little lovely music lost ark at the center of this island where you have to perform this quest.

It begins in event thirty minutes and requires you to play exciting music but it doesn’t explain what it means by exciting music.

Well, you don’t have to play any music, players often try playing music from their library but no you don’t need to play any music.

All you need to do is go to the DJ booth and interact with it. You will get one minute and thirty seconds to complete this quest. After you have completed you will be rewarded with silver coins which can vary between 168 to 503, and you can use these silver coins in your journey.

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