Deaths Hold Island Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

Deaths hold island is an island in a lost ark which appear on the map for a particular event time and after the event ends the island vanishes from the map as well. If you have above 50 levels then you will be able to see the death hold island.

Where is Deaths Hold Island?

The death hold is one of the 95 islands present on the lost ark. You can also win the island easily and which helps you to get all the 95 islands tokens.

Also on the island, there are two locations where you can find the mokoko seeds. The location is easy to find and you can quickly collect the seeds from the ground once you get near the location.

 Deaths Hold Island

Brief Introduction About the Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark

Mokoko seeds are a collectibles currency which you can use for trading to get exclusive rewards it.

To collect the mokoko seed in the lost ark you have to approach the seeds and then press the G key. Hold the G key until the bar gets full. Also when you press the key you will receive a message “ it gives off a gentle and pleasant aroma”.

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when the bar gets full you will be able to see the mokoko seeds in your inventory. Essentially this method to collect the mokoko seeds is applicable to all locations in the lost ark not just bounded by death hold island.

To check how many Mokoko seeds you collected just go on inventory.

  • In the bottom left of your scream, you will see the “!” adventure tab click on it
  • Now in selecting the mokoko seeds from there the fifth icon is the mokoko seeds
  • As you click on the tab you will be able to see how many seeds you have

Location of Mokoko Seeds in Deaths Hold Island Lost Ark

In deaths hold island mokoko seeds are available in two locations one is on the north side of the map and the other is on the southern side of the map. Both sides are easy to locate check their exact location here.

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First Mokoko seed

The first seed is located at the bottom part of the map, the southern side of the map. On the map, you can see there is a little gap. You have to cross that gap in a clockwise direction to find the seeds. When you reach the other side of the gap a destroyed wall be there. You will find the mokoko seed there and you can easily collect the seed from there.

Second Mokoko seed

The second seed is located at the top of the map, on the northeast side of the map. On the northeast side, you will find a ruined wall. Near that wall, you will find the mokoko seeds. How to collect the seed is mentioned above if you skipped that part.

Also on death hold island, there is one location of the merchant. You will find the merchant in the southern part of the map. As you find the mokoko seed in the southern part, just above that location you will find the merchant.

When is the best time to collect the map?

To collect the mokoko seed you will go when there is not an event going on in the lost ark. If you visit the death hold island during the event then there are chances that you will attack by the other player.

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So what will happen is you will be searching for the mokoko seed in the open and other players might fight with you due to event requirements.

You have to collect the mokoko seed before the event commences or after the event ends. If you go there during the PVP event period then you might lose one living there. Also if you go be prepared to fight with the enemies.

This is the end of this guide.

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