Lost Ark: Where To Get Guardian Stone Fragments (June 2022)

Where To Get Guardian Stone Fragments: Lost Ark, Amazon Games’ and Smilegate’s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game, will debut in North America and Europe on February 11, bringing the Korean fantasy sensation to a worldwide audience for the first time.

Lost Ark is an isometric action RPG akin to Blizzard’s Diablo titles, but with greater spells, hotter warriors, and everything turned up to eleven (yes, the hero in the key art above is carrying a holy minigun outfitted with a chainsaw bayonet).

Lost Ark has 15 playable classes — six main classes and nine advanced sub-classes — with which to explore the planet of Arkesia, defeating demonic hordes with flourish and style. In Lost Ark, you may use heavy artillery or become a monster-shredding musician.

And if you’ve ever wanted Dante (from the Devil May Cry series) to be a playable character in a Diablo game, this may be it. Smilegate, the firm behind the highly successful first-person shooter Crossfire — a Western version of that game, Crossfire X, is coming to Xbox this week — first released Lost Ark in South Korea in 2019.

Amazon Games took up Lost Ark for distribution in North America and Europe after it debuted in Japan and Russia, and conducted many beta testing ahead of time. Lost Ark is available on Amazon in English, French, German, and Spanish, with written and spoken dialogue in each language.

What Are Guardian Stones and Guardian Stones Fragments?

In Lost Ark, the Guardian Stone is a fantastic late-game item. Except for firearms, you may spend it to enhance all of your gear. They’re usually given out as bonuses for completing Chaos Dungeons, main missions, and log-in bonuses.

Players should save them till after Shushire when they will need to level up their gear. Guardian Stone Fragments are a variation of Guardian Stones. Low-level gear can be honed using pieces, while high-level gear necessitates the use of full stone crystals.

Before finishing Shushire, save as many Guardian Stone Fragments as you can since the following quest demands you to level up your equipment to 460.

Where To Get Guardian Stone Fragments

How To Obtain Guardian Stones Fragments Guide

In this section of this article, we will discuss the location where you can find the Guardian stone and its fragments in the Lost ark game.

Remember to keep in mind that you cannot dismantle the guardian stones from your inventory once you acquire them. Well here are all the locations where you can get the guardian stone and its fragments:

Chaos Dungeons

It is one of the main ways in which you can get guardian stones and fragments. Chaos Dungeons are a quick daily activity, but it’s important to understand how they function, what rewards they provide, and how to unlock them as soon as possible.

This article will cover what Chaos Dungeons are, how to unlock them, the daily caps and catch-up method for this activity, as well as a quick summary of the sorts of rewards you may anticipate when farming this activity.

Guardian Raids

This is also one of the great ways to get guardian stones and their corresponding fragments, players can go through this every day to get the guardian stones in the lost ark game. Guardian Raids are high-level tasks that put a player’s ability to solve challenging mechanics to the test.

They are one of the most essential aspects of Endgame growth since they give ever-greater prizes, the most notable of which are Accessories, Ability Stones, and Upgrade Materials.

Each following raid, on the other hand, has a higher item level needed to access, meaning players will likely spend days, if not weeks, farming the same raid again and over to bring their gear up to speed for the next challenge.

Purchasing Pirate Coins

Players can purchase or loot the pirate coins and this will give them extras that consist of Guardian stone fragments whenever they purchase the pirate coins sometimes lucky players also get the Guardian stone from this method. Players can target these events weekly from the Tea and Libra ship just outside the harbor.

Ghost Ships

Raids in Lost Ark are officially Ghost Ships. Their rewards are reset every week, providing players enough time to clear them out and gain upgrade materials and new gear before the next reset.

Players can complete Ghost Ships whenever they come across them, but the awards are only accessible for the initial completion. There are also chances that you might get the fragments of the guardian stones from this.

Auction House

In Lost Ark, the Auction House is a player-to-player marketplace where you may purchase and sell various Lost ARK products and weaponry.

Different sorts of equipment and consumables are also sold at the market. You must first attain a particular level to trade with gamers from all around the world.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the where to get guardian stone fragments with complete information.

What is the most efficient method of obtaining guardian stone fragments?

From certain chaos dungeons, guardian stone fragments can still be obtained. All you have to do now is return to the absolute highest chaos dungeon you can find.

In Lost Ark, how can I earn additional destruction and guardian stones?

Vendor If you’ve been contributing to your guild, you should have some bloodstones that you may use to purchase destruction from the bloodstone vendor.

Is it possible to purchase Guardian stone fragments?

You’ll get a lot of Guardian Stones & Guardian Stone Fragments if you log in every day. You can also obtain Crystals, that can be used to buy extra Guardian Stone Fragments.

I’m looking for a place to farm Guardian Stones.

After that, you can still acquire guardian stones from level two ks dungeons if you go back into those chaotic dungeons after first 2 of the day.

This is end of this guide.

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