How To Get Immunizing Horn Charm in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, the Immunizing Horn Charm is a powerful Talisman that is greatly sought after due to its capability to enhance a player’s resistance to both poison and scarlet rot.

It is particularly beneficial when traversing the diseased wastelands of Caelid and Ainsel River, as well as when engaging with powerful bosses like Malenia and Blade of Miquella that utilize attacks that cause rot.

This article aims to provide detailed instructions on how to obtain the Immunizing Horn Charm +1 in Elden Ring.

How to get Immunizing Horn Charm +1 in Elden Ring?

The Immunizing Horn Charm Talisman can be located in the Giant Ant nest in the southwest corner of Ainsel River, a location that is overrun by the dead.

You can make use of the Sending Gate in Renna’s Rise to teleport to Ainsel River Main or take the lift in East Liurnia of the Lakes, ensuring that their level and gear are suitable for the journey beforehand.

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immunizing horn charm
immunizing horn charm +1

You must then traverse several Giant Ant tunnels to reach the nest where the Talisman can be found. you must travel south along the river and make your way through either Uhl Palace Ruins or the Ant Queen’s lair.

Then you must pass the guards watching the passageway to Ainsel River Downstream while being mindful of the Misshaped Star that is positioned above them.

immunizing horn charm elden ring

After passing the guards, the Talisman can be obtained from the body behind a Stinger Giant Ant.

There is also an ungraded version of the Talisman known as the Immunizing Horn Charm +1 which you with the Tarnished trait can get by killing an Ancestral Follower in the Lake of Rot, but only after you have defeated General Radahn and finding Ranni’s hidden treasure.

In Ranni’s questline, you must journey to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace following the defeat of the Baleful Shadow. The Ancestral Follower will be situated waist-deep in the liquid rot of the southeast part of the area.

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So it is essential to make sure you have a sufficient amount of Scarlet Rot cures. After the Ancestral Follower has been defeated, you can retrieve the Immunizing Horn Charm +1 from its body, which will not be automatically looted.


The Immunizing Horn Charm +1 is a beneficial Talisman to obtain in Elden Ring and this guide has offered clear steps for its retrieval. It is important to be adequately equipped and prepared for the quest, as the environment will be filled with adversaries and potential threats.

Having the Immunizing Horn Charm in their possession will grant them enhanced protection against poison and scarlet rot, thus making their journey throughout Elden Ring far more comfortable and secure.

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