How To Get League Medals In Clash Of Clans? 

New to the most exciting game? And want to find out how to get League Medals in it? Do you want to increase your league medals? You’re at the right place! In this article, I have gathered all the information one needs. 

Clash of Clans is a game that’s narrative is based on combat with a lot of depth to its world. The game’s ultimate goal is to beat other players and be part of the winning clan. It is a really exciting concept.

Progressive real-time game gluing the players to their phones at all times. It includes finding and collecting reasonable resources to improve and build your village. 

You can find your way to get a league of medals in Clash of clans by participating in the clan war leagues and then. 

You can get League Medals in Clash of Clans by participating in the Clan War League. And you’ll get the medal when the war league is over. 

What are League Medals in a Clash of Clans?

League Medals Clash Of Clans

The league medals came with the introduction of the clan war league in 2018. 

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These medals are precious in the game. Players participate in the war league to get these. These medals can be used as currency in the game and the home village shop for many exciting items.

You can obtain league medals by participating in clan league wars. War stars gained by individual players from their attacks turn into league medals, and all clan members that have signed up for clan war leagues get extra league medals from all wars that the clan has fought. 

Usually, the clan war league medals are given to the participants after the league is over after assessing the player’s impact in the wars. These are all the league medals mentioned below in the table with winner and positions.

Bronze III3432302826242220
Bronze II4644424038363432
Bronze I5856545250484644
Silver III7673706764615855
Silver II9491888582797673
Silver I112109106103100979491
Gold III136132128124120116112108
Gold II160156152148144140136132
Gold I184180176172168164160156
Crystal III214209204199194189184179
Crystal II244239234229224219214209
Crystal I274269264259254249244239
Master III310304298292286280274268
Master II346340334328322316310304
Master I382376370364358352346340
Champion III424417410403396389382375
Champion II466459452445438431424417
Champion I508501494487480473466459

How To Get League Medals in a Clash of Clan

Now on the most important part, how to get a league medal in a clash of clan

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Firstly there are only two necessary things to do to earn league medals 

  • The first one is: to be in a clan 
  • The second one is; being eligible for the clan war league
  • So if you’re part of a clan and the elected leader of your Clan chooses you to fight, you can do so in either the war leagues or the champion leagues. This varies on the clan’s strength.

It’s a must for a player to accumulate at least eight war stars from their season-long attacks to receive the total payout for their clan’s placing.

For instance, if the player can’t earn any war stars, they will only be able to receive 20 percent of the total league medal rewards.

Out of all the League Medals, 20 percent are allocated to players listed on the Roster but not assigned to the War Map during any Battle Days.

Clash of Clan War League 

The clan war league is a season-based league structure. It occurs once a month. During this, participants take part in a one-week-long season. In these seasons, the players fight over clans, the clans that fight with each other have to have a similar skill level each week.

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The sign-Up period begins When a Clan War League Season is about to start. The Clan Leaders are required to register at least 15 players to enter war league matchmaking, and they gave 2 days to do so.

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