Zelda TOTK: Energizing Elixir Recipe

In Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom stamina is one of the essential parts. At the same time, exploring the vast land of the Zelda Totk. no matter how much amount of stamina you have it will drain at some point, and have to boost stamina. 

Zelda Totk has many resources, Energizing food and potions, that will increase stamina. Further, the enduring food and elixir can add additional yellow rings.

Totk Energizing Elixir ingredients are the same as we used to make in the Breath of the Wild series. The ingredients are not hard to get, if you have explored the whole map of the Totk. 

Now, without any further delay let’s understand the Totk Energizing Elixir. 

Zelda Totk: Energizing Elixir Stamina Recipe

For Energizing Elixir, you need ingredients like Energetic Rhino Beetles or Restless Crickets. You have to add that to the pot with at least one monster part. You can find the Rhino Beetles in the Great Sky Island and West Necluda and for Restless Crickets you can look into Great Sky Island and Hyrule Field. 

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For Enduring Elixir, you will need the tireless frog with at least one monster part. You can find Tireless Frog in the Hyrule Fields Zora River. Although tireless frogs are very rare to capture, you can purchase them from Beedle at 100 each. 

Zelda Totk: Stamina Food Recipe:

You can easily cook up the Zelda Totk Energizing Food with ingredients like Stamella Shrooms, Courser Bee Honey, Staminoka Bass, and Bright Eyes Crabs. You can find the Stamella Shrooms at Lanayru Great Springs.

In West Necluda, Courser Bee Honey can be found in Hyrule Field and East Necluda, Staminoka Bass can be available at Hyrule Fields, and West Necluda. Bright Eyes Crabs can be found in Lanayru Wetlands and Lanayru Great Springs. 

To make Enduring Food, you need to cook up the Endura Shrooms or Endura Carrots. Both are rare to find, Endura Shrooms are available in North Tabantha Sky Archipelago and North Necluda Sky Archipelago. At the same time, Endura Carrots are available in the East Necluda and Hyrule Ridge. 

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Now, with the above-mentioned recipes, you can cook the stamina recipes. With these, you can refill the stamina or overfill and increase it to three yellow rings. To do that you have to use more ingredients, in other words, you have to increase the quantity of the ingredients to gain more stamina.

Other than the mentioned ingredients you don’t have to add other things like salt, meat, or anything else. You have to choose which ingredients fit perfectly to you. Try to cook as per the ingredients that are in your inventory and easily found. 


In Zelda Totk there is Stamina Elixir Recipe and Stamina Food Recipes. You can use the above-mentioned ingredients to increase and gain stamina. You can refill and overfill with these recipes.

Further, as you increase the quantity of the ingredients you can increase the stamina. Some of the ingredients are easy to find on location and others are very rare like Tireless Frog, Endura Shrooms, and Endura Carrots. But you can always use the available ingredients to gain stamina. 

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This is all for this guide for more similar guides do check our Zelda ToTK guides section.

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