How to complete the Shockingly Well Done in Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap is one of the popular games and there are multiple requests that players need to complete in order to progress in the game.

One of the requests of Pokemon Snap is Shockingly Well Done and if you’re looking for the guide then you’re in luck here we cover all information that will help you to know how you can complete the Shockingly Well Done request without having a hassle.

shocking well done pokemon snap

How To Complete The Shockingly Well-Done Requests

Once you start the level in Pokemon Snap you will lots of Pokemon in the right direction of the bridge. Once the player crosses that bridge the Shockingly Well-Done starts.

After you need to use the scanning abilities to find the charred fruit and nuts near the bridge.

Simply move forward until you see the charred Fluffruit under the tree you can use a scanner to find out which Pokemon caused it.

But this will not complete the request for that you need to lure that pokemon to that place.

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One of the vital things the Fluffruit is one of the necessary items required to complete this quest. Once you reach the tree with the mound of the charred Fluffruit you need to throw some Fluffruits until the Emolga appears.

Emolga will use the electrocuted to cook that Fluffruit and this is the perfect time when you need to capture the photo of Emolga It looks like Emolga is attacking the fluffruit.

More importantly by completing this request you will lots of points to level up the Florio Nature Park’s daylight course

This is sum up the Shockingly Well Done guide for more helpful content you can read our Pokemon Guides.

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