How To Get Premium on Roblox? Full Guide (2022)

Similar to other free-to-play games, Roblox lets you carry out microtransactions for purchasing passes, perks and several items. You can usually buy them with their in-built currency known as Robux. Players will be able to get the complete game experience with Roblox premium that gives you Robux and other fun goodies.

What is Roblox Premium?

A little while ago, Roblox only had Builder clubs and players had to choose between the Builders Club, Turbo Builders and Outrageous Builders Club. All three plans had their own special features and you would receive a daily Robux dividend.

However, Roblox replaced these memberships with what is now known as Roblox Premium and offers more functionality to the users. The premium membership comes in three different prices and the main difference between each is the amount of Robux payout that you get.

The three plans are:

  • $4.99/ month –  Premium 450
  • $9.99/ month – Premium 1000
  • $19.99/month- Premium 2200

All three of these membership offers players exclusive benefits in-game such as discounts and special items in the Avatar Shop. To make players use Robux as the preferred currency, an additional 10 per cent discount is given when you directly buy it from the Roblox Corporation. If you want to convert Robux into real-world cash, you can always use the Developer Exchange.

With the unique in-game trading system, you can exchange special collectable items with other players. These collectables have a limited supply or come on sale only for a limited time. Without a Premium account, you will have to pay with your Robux to design items inside the game.

However, premium offers you an unlimited upload option and you could also sell these with other players. Also, getting a premium membership will help you get huge discounts when you purchase items.

Roblox premium for free

Benefits of Roblox Premium?

These are some of the benefits that you can avail and enjoy by the Roblox Premium.

  • 10% Robux Purchases Bonus
  • In Premium you can enable to Trade
  • Sell Items such as T-Shirt, Pants Plugins etc.
  • Developer Exchange
  • Able To Create 100 Groups
  • Change Profile Icon along with Player list icon.
  • Bonuses Accessories
  • Google Ads Free
  • Any Other Relevant Point
  • UGC creators get discount on games

Which Plan is Suitable For You?

Unless you are looking to create new games, trade items or make content, chances are a normal Roblox account will suffice. You can purchase a Robux card from a retail store and still purchase in-game items and passes by adding Robux to your account.

For children, who use Roblox a lot, the Premium 450 or Premium 1000 would be ideal and they
could also learn more about budgeting and allocating monthly incomes and expenses. For game makers and content creators, the Premium 2200 plan is the one to choose. Offering the best value and complete accessibility choosing the Premium 2200 is a no-brainer.

Here is a list of the cost per year and the Robux payout

  • Premium 450- $60/year and 5400 Robux
  • Premium 1000 – $120/year, and 12,000 Robux
  • Premium 2200 – $240 per year, and 26,400 Robux

Steps to Get Roblox Premium

If you think that you might need the extra features of the Premium Account, then just follow

these steps to get Roblox Premium.

  1. First, log into your Account in Roblox
  2. Now go to the Premium Page on the Roblox premium page
  3. Choose any one of the three membership plans
  4. After choosing, select the type of payment and click continue
  5. Enter all the necessary details
  6. Now click on the ‘Pay Now’ button
  7. After payment, within a couple of minutes, you’ll get the Robux’s in your account

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