100+ Perfect Among Us Pick-up Lines (2024)

pick up lines among us
among us pick up lines

These Among Us pick-up lines are the ultimate of flirting and the funniest thing you can say to other players in the game. While Among Us focuses on crewmates and impostors, there’s always the possibility of love budding. Check all the corny, filthy, and hilarious pick-up lines available in Among Us. Use these at your own risk, please.

Pick-Up Lines

Here are all of the charming, wholesome, and witty Among Us pick-up lines you may use to flirt or be the focus of attention.

  1. Can I be the impostor if we play among us? Because I’d like to take you out.
  2. Would that be a race gun in your pocket, or are you simply delighted to see me?
  3. What happened to the body? I only know I’m missing my heart.
  4. You’re depleting my oxygen levels because you’re so beautiful.
  5. Are you the Imposter? Because you’ve just shattered me.
  6. Are you an Among Us public lobby? Because you’re always a 10/10.
  7. Hey, did you happen to be in navigation because I found my way to you?
  8. Are you the reactor saboteur, girl? Because you cause my heart to melt.
  9. I’d take the ejection for you if you’re the impostor and I was been called sus.
  10. The lava in Polus isn’t quite as heated as you are.
  11. Attention Is Required at the Medical Bay! My heart hurts for you.
  12. Damn girl, you make me want to put off my work and just watch you at Security.
  13. Are you task, girl? Because I’d like to do you.
  14. you don’t have to vote to get me off
  15. I swear I didn’t vent, and if you’re in there, I will.
  16. would never close the door on you unless we were both in the same room.
  17. Hello, would you be willing to be the Witness to my Medbay Scan?
  18. You’re not simply a crewmate you’re my soulmate.
  19. Babe, you’re the one that connects the wires that power my heart.
  20. Did you simply fix the power cables? Because you are magnificent.
  21. That pet suits you well, but you know what would look even better? Me
  22. Hey, do you work in administration? Because the admin adores you.
  23. I’m jealous of your hat…Because it gets to be on you.
  24. All the Maps lead to you My Love.
  25. Do you French? Because Eiffel Tower is for you.
  26. I’m not professional photographer, but can see us together.
  27. is it hot in the lobby? Or is it just you?
  28. You don’t need keys to irritate me.
  29. Very nice tee! What substance is it made of, boyfriend stuff?
  30. Are you an imposter? Because you are exactly my type.
  31. Are you sure you’re not tired? You’ve been running through my mind all day.
  32. You know how vital it is to solve Comms, so why don’t you give me your phone number?
  33. I know you from somewhere. I wouldn’t have forgotten you.
  34. We’re grateful to have you on board… but do you want to add letter and become crewmates alternatively?
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Lines to use as pick-up lines for Among Us

Even though some of the phrases are exceedingly corny, fans of The Among Us would agree that all of the lines shared by u/DungeonsAndDuck are pretty relatable. The Redditor has managed to hit the sweet spot with the community, whether it’s a crewmate delaying their responsibilities or a nuclear meltdown joke.

The community responded by adding a slew of new items to the list. The community had a lot of fun with the topic, from making jokes about vents to demonstrating the importance of finishing duties.

In only a few months, Among Us has grown to be an internationally popular multiplayer game. Furthermore, adding a slew of prominent broadcasters and community leaders to the hype train has further strengthened Among Us’ standing on the rankings..

How to Create the Most Effective Pick-Up Lines

So you’ve read our articles on attraction and confidence, purchased a theme of new clothing, and are ready to meet your ideal partner.

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Context is the key to coming up with effective pick-up lines. When individuals are thinking of pick-up lines, they often turn to other people’s looks for ideas. This is what causes a lot of the offensive pick-up lines that people are accustomed to hearing.

Do’s and Don’ts in Pick-Up Lines

When approaching someone else, keep a few things in mind. Most importantly, be friendly, kind, and respectful.


Take a genuine interest in what they have to say. You’ll overlook something intriguing about them and come out as self-absorbed if you’re waiting to chat.

Be sincere. Approaching someone might be nerve-wracking, and you may be inclined to exaggerate or lie about yourself. It is critical to be honest since this will only come back to hurt you.

Consider how your words or actions may be perceived. Consider your body language and tone while attempting to strike up a conversation with a lady, and pay attention to how she reacts. Respect her and quit the discussion if you have any suspicions that she is uncomfortable.

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Accept rejection with grace. There’s nothing more irritating than someone who takes sacrifice personally. Because the odds of two persons being single, interested, and available are very tiny, expect rejection and treat others with respect.


Remark on someone’s appearance. Compliments on attire, rather than their eyes or hair, are more likely to be accepted.

If a discussion doesn’t seem natural, force it. If your conversation is pushed, you’ll notice that one or both of you are behaving uncomfortably, and they may give you brief or one-word responses.

Make yourself spooky. It’s not romantic to approach a lady alone at a bus stop late at night and tell her she smells beautiful; it’s scary.

Disturb folks who are listening to music with their headphones on. Earphones are typically a hint that someone doesn’t want to be bothered, so leave them alone until they remove them to speak to you.

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