Shadows Over Loathing: All Hobo Locations

“Shadows Over Loathing,” where the whimsical meets the mysterious in a side-scrolling 2D RPG adventure set in a Lovecraftian rendition of the 1920s. The third installment of the Loathing series invites you to embrace stickman graphics, dad jokes, and peculiar puns that add a sprinkle of uniqueness to your journey. With meat as currency, kitchen tools doubling as weapons, and an unexpected fishing extravaganza, this game promises an experience like no other.

A Glimpse of the Realm: Hobos and Their Mysterious Code

Venture into Ocean City’s radiant lights, where your character’s uncle seeks your assistance to address a troubling predicament. However, as you delve deeper, you encounter enigmatic glyphs adorning floors and walls – the hobo code. This peculiar code becomes your guide to unlocking hidden knowledge and forging connections with fellow wanderers. The more you help and engage with these wandering souls, the deeper your understanding of the hobo code becomes.

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Cracking the Code: Unleashing the Hobo Wisdom

It’s a simple yet profound truth – be kind to hobos. These wandering spirits often request a small amount of Meat, akin to the needs we all share. In “Shadows Over Loathing,” the Hobo Code emerges as a pivotal game mechanic. Upon reaching the Hobo Camp in Chapter One, the Hobo Literacy perk becomes your treasure, granted as a reward for your kindness. As you unravel the tapestry of the hobo code, you open doors to deciphering glyphs, gathering valuable information, and obtaining essential items.

Guiding Light Through Chapters: Hobo Encounters Unveiled

The Prologue: Enigmatic Beginnings

hobo howie shadow over loathing
shadows over loathing hobos

Your journey commences with the prologue, where two pivotal hobos make their appearance:

  • Howie: Found in a boxcar on your way to Ocean City, offering a harmonious introduction.
  • Gus: Waiting on a bench in Ocean City, offering a friendly conversation.

Chapter One: Navigating the Urban Landscape

hobo wanderer shadow over loathing
shadows over loathing hobos

In Ocean City, explore and meet three hobos who may eventually join the Hobo Camp:

  • Dusty: Wander the Boardwalk to cross paths with her.
  • Obie: Visit Goldthwaite Park and engage with Obie, whose presence offers both code and quest.
  • Samuel: Discover him at Hiram’s Grocery, adding a new dimension to your adventure.
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Chapter Two: Unveiling Crystaldream Lake’s Secrets

hobo outside hiram shadow over loathing
shadows over loathing hobos

As you venture to Crystaldream Lake, uncover three intriguing hobos:

  • Beanie: Engage near the Junkyard’s entrance, where he wrestles with a fridge.
  • Doc: Rescue him from his cocoon at Beppo’s Hole, initiating a unique bond.
  • Creamy Steve: Embark on a time-traveling adventure to uncover Creamy Steve’s location.

Chapter Three: Traversing S.I.T. University Campus

hobo obie shadow over loathing
shadows over loathing hobos

Navigate the university campus to meet four additional hobos:

  • Ovid: A random encounter leads you to Ovid’s Store, unveiling new horizons.
  • Walter: Seek him beneath the Bridge and unlock the hobo code’s secrets.
  • Calendula Crabtree: Engage with her still at Zeta Omega Omicron frat house.
  • The Pencil Hobo: Find him outside Fission Chips and embark on a simple quest.

Chapter Four: Embracing the Enchanting Swamp

hobo doc shadow over loathing
shadows over loathing hobos

Navigate the Swamp and discover three hobos amidst its mysteries:

  • Gator: Engage with him in Gatorman Hamlet, exchanging a meaty weapon for a meaningful conversation.
  • Mossman: Uncover the Monster Shack and journey to Mossrock Grotto to meet him.
  • Pepperidge Dauphin: Unlock the secrets of Dauphin House’s padlocks to connect with him.
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Chapter Five: Journey to Gray County’s Heartland

hobo creamy steve shadow over loathing
shadows over loathing hobos

In Gray County, meet the final trio of hobos:

  • Beatrice: Head to McMgilligancuddy’s Farm, converse with the hobo-faced sheep, and unleash her insights.
  • Cornelius: Delve into the corn maze behind Drexel Stead to encounter Cornelius.
  • Croesus Vanderbilt: Conquer Black Gold Mine, eradicating vampires and unveiling Croesus Vanderbilt’s presence.

As your journey unfolds, remember that the Hobo Code intertwines friendships, secrets, and revelations. Embrace the quirks of Shadows Over Loathing and uncover the hidden depths within its comedic yet mysterious universe.