Pokemon Go: How to Get Mareanie, Weakness, Shiny, Counter and Moveset

Mareanie is among the top ten dual Poison/Water-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go with its solid Defense and Special Defense.

Introduced in the game during the Fashion Week in September 2022, the Generation 7 ‘mon is a starfish-like sea creature that uses its thorny limbs extending from its head as a shield. It is thus nicknamed the ‘Brutal Star’ Pokemon in the Alolan Pokedex.

While Mareanie isn’t ideal for Great Leagues due to its max CP of almost 1100, its evolutionary form offers more to trainers. Mareanie evolves into Toxapex after consuming 50 Candy whose CP level can reach up to 1905.

The best strategy with Toxapex in PvP battles is to charge its Main Moves before switching it with another Pokemon so that it can be used later.

How to Get Mareanie in Pokemon Go?

Mareanie Pokemon Go
mareanie pokemon go

As of July 2023, there is only one way to get Mareanie in Pokemon Go and that is by catching it in the wild. The Brutal Star has a boosted spawn rate in Cloudy and Rainy weather with a base catch rate of 20%.

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Aim for an excellent curveball throw after using a Lure Module to attract more Water-type ‘mons in the said weather areas.

Trainers were able to encounter Mareanie as a Field Research reward for ‘Make 5 Great Throws’ or ‘Make 3 Great Curveball Throws in a row’ missions. It has been discontinued as a reward encounter for this month.

Mareanie can also be found as a Tier 1 Raid Boss, with its last known appearance in the Gyms dating back to March 2023. Current 1-Star Raids include Digglet, Voltorb, Phanpy, Electrike, and Blitzle.

Shiny Mareanie is in the works for Pokemon Go. As of now, it hasn’t been released.

Mareanie Pokemon Go Raid Boss: CP, stats, and more

Raid Boss Mareanie has a CP of 7580 with an HP of 3600. It can be soloed by the right Pokemon and moveset. In the case of newbie players with underdeveloped ‘mons, a minimum party of five players is required. After defeating the boss, players will be able to encounter a Marenaie with the following stats:-

  • Level 20 with no weather boost: 511 CP to 555 CP
  • Level 25 with Rainy or Cloudy weather boost: 639 CP to 694 CP
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A maxed-out Mereanie has an ATK of 98, DEF of 110, and STA of 137.

Weaknesses, Counters, and Moveset of Mareanie

For the optimum damage to the 1-Star Mareanie Raid Boss, use Electric-, Psychic-, and Ground-type attacks. Pokemon like Espeon, Magnezone, Excadrill, Rhyperior, and Metagross could deal Super Effective damage to the Poison- and Water-type with any of their Quick Moves or Charged Moves.

Mareanie has the following moves in its arsenal. Its best moveset is the typical Poison-build with Poison Sting and Gunk Shot (5.48 DPS).

  • Quick Moves: Poison Sting (Poison) and Bite (Dark)
  • Charged Moves: Brine (Water), Sludge Wave (Posion), and Gunk Shot (Poison)

Great League trainers must have a Mareanie in their list of Pokemon to evolve it into Toxapex as the latter cannot be obtained via Eggs, Raids, or in the wild. Toxapex boasts a massive stat product, rivaling that of Umbreon. It has massive resistance and can easily defeat opponents with Poison Jab, which substitutes Poison Sting after evolution.

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Can Mareanie be Shiny in Pokemon Go

No, until now there is No Shiny form of Mareanie introduced in Pokemon Go. But certainly, the Shiny Mareaine will be released in future.

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