How To Get Shiny Barboach In Pokemon Go

Looking for a powerful Water and Ground-type Pokemon to add to your team in Pokemon Go? Barboach should definitely be on your radar. The best part is its shiny counterpart is available and oh wait, you can also evolve it to Whiscash!

Known as the “Whiskers Pokemon”, Barboach and Whiscash are Third-Generation Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Barboach is evolved from 50 candies to Whiscash which also has its Shiny variant.

How Does Shiny Barboach Look Like In Pokemon Go?

Shiny Barboach has a white body, with a jagged black line on its side. Its fins are yellow in colour which complements its yellow snout whiskers. This makes it different from its regular form which has a grey body, blue snout whiskers and blue fins.

How To Catch Shiny Barboach in Pokemon Go

Shiny Barboach
Image via Gameinstants

The only way to catch shiny barboach is by encountering it in the wild. Same with other water Pokemon, you can find it near water bodies as it spawns more often there. Try using incense and lure modules to increase the spawn rate and use the “Nearby Feature” to check whether it spawned near you.

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The odds that you’ll catch a Shiny Barboach among all the Barboach you will encounter are 1 in 450.

Barboach’s best moveset is Mud Shot and Water Gun. It is vulnerable to Grass-type moves but takes little damage from Rock and Steel-type moves.

Barboach itself isn’t that strong of a Pokemon but once evolved into Whiscash it becomes one to reckon with.

That’s it. Get out in the wild and find Barboach. Who knows you might be lucky to find a Shiny Barboach in your first encounters.

is Barboach good in Pokemon Go

Barboach is an easy Pokemon to knock out because it is very vulnerable to Grass-type techniques, one of the three beginning types. When it comes to the shiny Barboach the encounter numbers are 1 in 450. The Barboach best moveset is Mud Shot and Water Gun. If you fight against any grass-type Pokemon then make sure to not pick Barboach for counter attack.

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