Hogwarts Legacy: All Astronomy Table Locations

The RPG adaption of the Harry Potter Movie series has types of collectibles for the players: Astronomy tables which belong to the set of exploration challenges in the game.

After finishing the game, many players want to seek all 16 astronomy table locations. The game has many side quests for the players to complete.

This astronomy challenge unlocks for players after they complete their first astronomy class, one of the most fun Hogwarts Legacy classes, where the players meet the character Amit Thakkar and hear his enthusiasm for stargazing.

Astronomy Tables Location in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy astronomy table
hogwarts legacy astronomy tables

Astronomy tables are interactive objects in Hogwarts. They allow you to view constellations from the wizarding world. To solve the astronomy table, players have to find the correct constellations. Once you find the constellation, you must align the table with it until it is centred in the viewing area.

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Once the table is aligned, players can see the constellation in the sky. They can also learn about the constellation by reading the text on the table. 

Here is the list of the astronomy table, their location, and what constellations they’re in:

Astronomy table number RegionLocationConstellation
1North Ford BogNortheast corner, near Floo Network locationUrsa Major
2Forbidden ForestSoutheast corner, near Floo Network locationSerpens
3Hogsmeade ValleyCenter of the valley, near the Floo Network locationAries
4South Hogwarts RegionHill northeast of Quidditch pitchScorpius
5HogwartsAstronomy TowerOrion
6HogwartsGreat HallUrsa Minor
7Hogwarts ValleyCastle ruins to the east of KeenbridgeCapricornus
8Hogwarts ValleyCliff overlooking the arched bridge to the south of Brock BurrowCorvus
9Fieldcroft RegionNortheast corner, near Floo Network locationTaurus
10Poidear CoastA small island off the coastLeo
11Marunweem LakeIsland in the lakeCancer
12Manor CapeCliff overlooking capeGemini
13Crag CroftshireCenter of the region, near the Floo Network locationLibra
14Claigmar CoastA small island off the coastSagittarius
15Forbidden ForestSoutheast of West Forbidden Forest Floo FlameOphiuchus

Is There a Hidden Astronomy Table in Hogwarts Legacy?

The game has a hidden astronomy table in the forbidden forest, to the southwest of the west Forbidden Forest Floo Flame, revealing the constellation Ophiuchus.

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To find the hidden Astronomy table, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the west forbidden forest floo flame 
  • Head southwest, following the path that leads to the ruined cabin 
  • Just before you reach the cabin, you will see a small clearing on your left 
  • The hidden astronomy table is located in the clearing

Solving the hidden astronomy table will reward you with the Astronomer Achievement. This is all for Astronomy Table in Hogwarts Legacy for more similar guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section.

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