How To Get Sil’Dihn Potsherd in FFXIV?

The Endwalkers expansion was introduced in Final Fantasy 14 in patch update 6.5 along with new features, in-game items and more. More importantly, the update introduced Variant and Criterion dungeons that players can explore, defeat bosses and collect the value reward.

The Sil’Dihn Potsherds is FFXIV in-game currency that is linked with the unique duties available in these dungeons. Here we cover information related to what is Sil’Dihn Potsherds and how you can get it without having much hassle in the game. So, without further ado gets check the guide.

What is Sil’Dihn Potshered and How to get in FFXIV?

As we explained above the Sil’Dihn Potshered is a valuable reward that you have while exploring the Variant Dungeons in FFXIV. The Criterion dungeons have Sliver that you can collect and use for trading items in the game.

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While exploring the Variant dungeons you will find chests in random places opening these chests will reward you a few amounts of Potshered. However, after defeating the bosses in the Variant dungeons you can get it more.

What is the use of Sil’Dihn Potshered in FFXIV?

The Sil’Dihn Potshered is the currency in Final Fantasy 14 does it mean you can use it to trade items. For this, you need to find and interact with the Trisassant that was located on the following coordinates (X: 12.0, Y: 13.2).

Simply interact with Trisassant and choose Sil’Dihn Potshered to check what you can trade with it. There are lots of items that you can get exchanged for Potshered such as Emote, Material, Noir outfits like Hat, Longcoat, Leather Gloves, Slacks and more.

This is sum up to this short guide for more related content such as how to catch apkallu of paradise and more do check our FFXIV guide section.

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