What is, How to Get and Use the Hunter’s Exalted Orb in POE?

Path of Exile has lots of items that you can obtain one such item is Hunters Exalted Orb. If you wondering what is it for or how to use it in POE then you’re in luck today. Here we featured all information that might come in handy for you regarding the Hunter’s Exalter Ord in Path of Exile. Without wasting your time let’s check the guide.

What is Hunter’s Exalted Orb in Path of Exile?

In POE, the Hunter’s Exalter Orb is the game currency that you can use to upgrade the parts of rare items using the  Hunter influence and Hunter affix modifier. So basically the Hunter Exalterd Ord imposes Hunter influence along with Hunter modifier to rare items in the game.

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The rare items have 6 modifiers and the item Catalyst quality will boost the possibility of using a modifier which matches the catalyst quality type.

How To Farm Hunter Exalted Ord in POE?

Similar to other video games to farm the Hunters Exalted Ord you need to kill enemies in the game. In POE this ord was dropped by Al-Hezmin, the Hunter that was located in Hunter’s Ambush along with other rare items. However, the drop rate is low and the drop level is 1. You can acknowledge this ord by its green glowing color.

Another way to obtain this ord in POE is by getting it from other players by exchanging the current items and it may cost you 2 Exalted Orbs.

How To Use Hunter Exalted Ord in POE?

You can use Hunter Exalted Ord on rare items such as Exalted Orb in Path of Exile. The Hunter exalted ord will add up a new modifier to the rare items. More importantly, this ord also adds the Hunter influence symbol to the rare items that you can recognize by their green glow.

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 Hunters Exalted Ord
Hunters Exalted Ord

You cannot use the Hunter exalted ord on influenced items such as Crusader item, Warlord item, Redeemer item, Hunter item, Shaper item, and Elder item.

This is sum for Hunter Exalted ord in POE guide for more similar content such as who is Captain Clayborne and more do check our Path of Exile guide section.