How To Get Sticks in Dawnlands?

Welcome to yet another crafting guide where we will discuss about how to get Sticks in Dawnlands. It is an uncommon resource in the open-world adventure game which can only be collected with a specific tool called Flint Axe. The whole process is given below.

Players that need to defeat Guya may need to learn how to use Sticks. They are required to craft the fireball-throwing Staff, one of the best weapons to use against the boss due to its burn damage, along with exquisite furniture. Compared to Wood, they are also less heavy and don’t lead to any ‘overload’ issues.

Method to get Sticks in Dawnlands

A player’s immediate reaction to the quest of obtaining sticks is chopping a bunch of trees until they find one. However, trees cut from the Stone Axe won’t award the player with the resource. It is only through Flint Axe that players can learn how to get Sticks in Dawnlands.

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Flint Axe can be created from 6 pieces of Wood and 4 pieces of Flint. The latter resource can be found near streams, lakes, or rivers. Flint cannot be crafted or bought from Wyatt The Merchant so players need to do some exploration.

How to get Sticks in Dawnlands?

Once a tree is cut with the Flint Axe, there will be an option to collect the chopped Wood. Alongside it will be a Stick. Note that there is no guarantee that a tree will grant you Sticks. Embark on a wood-cutting mayhem until you find the material.

Flint Axes are more powerful than regular Stone Axes and can cut down stronger trees that have branches (sticks). Unfortunately, it cannot be substituted for Wood when refueling a fire. So, if you are soaking wet during a thunderstorm and the bonfire in front of you is dying out, wooden sticks are useless. How? Ask the developers.