Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour: Shiny Odds, bonus and more

Tuesday is here, which means yet another Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go. Tentacool will have a boosted spawn rate for 60 minutes and there will be increased chances of capturing its shiny form. The Jellyfish is resourceful in the 2500-CP Ultra League so make sure to capitalise on the Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour.

Beginning on August 29 at 6 PM LT and ending at 7 PM LT, Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour will feature the 2x transfer candy bonus. Get rid of excess legendaries and mythical Pokemon in your inventory. Evolving Tentacool will also be easier as trainers could select one with a high CP and good IV and transfer the rest.

 Pokemon Go Tentatool
Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour

Tentacool moveset and evolution

The Kantonian Pokemon has a max CP of 1040. It can learn Bubble Beam (Water) and Poison Sting (Poison) Fast Moves while Bubble Beam (Water), Water Pulse (Water), and Wrap (Normal) Charged Moves. Tentacool evolves into Tentacruel when fed 50 Candy.

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Upon evolution, Tentacruel possesses a strong Poison-type moveset. It forgets its water-type Bubble attack and substitutes it for the Acid attack. Poison Sting upgrades to Poison Jab. Scald (Water), Sludge Wave (Posion), Hydro Pump (Water), Acid Spray (Poison) and Blizzard (Ice) are Tentacruel’s Charged Moves.

Given the amount of water-type metas in Pokemon Go, it is best to use Tentacruel as a Poison-type attacker. The Jellyfish will then do double damage to Fairy- and Grass-type Pokemon. As such, Tentacruel’s best moveset is Poison Jab with Acid Spray and Blizzard.

Acid Spray can be used to bait Shields but has low damage. Blizzard hits like a truck and provides coverage over Dragon-types but is a one-bar move that requires 75 energy. It could be substituted with Sludge Wave, a Poison-type Charged Move, that requires 65 energy and benefits from STAB.

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Tentacool shiny odds in Pokemon Go

Tentacool has two large orbs on the side of its head, usually believed to give it psychic powers. This is apparently why it is able to ‘possess’ a Pokemon by just touching it. A basic Tentacool has red orbs while a Shiny Tentacool has green orbs, emitting an emerald-like glow. No wonder the Shiny form is sought after by trainers.

According to multiple reports, Tentacool has a shiny rate odds of 1 in 500. This is expected to be lowered during the Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour. Increase the chances of finding a shiny by catching more of the said Pokemon. Use Water Lure Modules or Incense to attract loads of them to your area.

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