Elden Ring: Rya The Scout Quest Guide

The Elden Ring Rya’s quest is very short and it usually doesn’t consist of a lot of steps, but it is still long to describe it here. However, there are many places where you have no clue about how to continue the story and it’s because of wrong actions or choices done in the past.

Rya is waiting for you as soon as you get to Liurnia of the Lakes, though it doesn’t seem like seeing her is necessary to finish her questline.

If you’re just beginning your trip through the Lands Between, don’t expect to finish this quest soon because her story will lead you to one of the later regions. So, in this article, I’m going to list down all the processes and steps required in completing Rya’s Quest.

How may Rya’s quest in Elden Ring be started?

Most of the quests for Rya occur at Volcano Manor, although you may encounter Elden Ring Rya prior if you wish.

Her story takes you into one of the more recent areas, so do not expect to get through the Elden Ring Rya quests fast if you are just starting your travels through The Lands Between.

You can find Rya at a shrine just north of Laskyars ruins, Site of Grace which is located at the Liurnia of the lakes. Rya will tell players someone has taken her necklace, and that she is desperate for her necklace back.

Rya will also ask the player to recover her necklace from a mobster named Blackguard, located in Boilprawn Shack, northwest. You have to help her recover her necklace from tarnish in Boilprawn Shack, just northwest of where you found Rya.

rya the scout
Elden Ring: Boilprawn Shack

Go back to Rya and give her the necklace when you have recovered it. Rya expresses gratitude by extending an invitation to visit the volcano manor, but before you can take advantage of it, you must first reach the Altus Plateau.

The quest for Volcano Manor is not an especially lengthy one, but it may find you struggle in lower levels, particularly since it has a boss that you need to fight at the very end.

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The next parts of Elden Ring Rya’s quest are set at Volcano Manor, though depending on the route to Altus Plateau, Rya may accompany you there herself. You have to deal with Rykard somewhere in the game.

However, it is important to note that failing to kill Rykard before speaking with her in the volcano manor’s dungeon will prohibit you from completing Rya’s Elden Ring quest.

How to go to the Volcano Manor?

In the Elden Ring, the fastest route to The Volcano Manor in the Ring is once you reach Liurnia of the Lakes area and you gain access to Raya Lucaria Academy. Once Elden Ring loads, players will be placed in the centre of Volcano Manors cellar.

Volcano Manor
Volcano Manor Location

To get to Volcano Manor, players will have to locate and talk with Rya in Grand Dectus Lift on the Atlus plateau, where she will offer to teleport the player straight to Volcano Manor on the Elden Ring. Elden Ring Rya may be found in the drawing room once you enter the volcano manor and speak with Tanith.

From here, you can explore the areas of Volcano Manor, defeat Nobles of Godskin, and make your way back to the manor’s entrance with the consorts of Rykard and other NPCs, or skip their missions and go directly to the Gateway Portal leading to Rykard, Praetor.

Volcano Manor Letter
Volcano Manor Letter

Once players get to this Legacy dungeon, they can proceed to complete a number of missions, which tasks players with killing the Tarnished companions from other worlds, as an act of rebellion against Fingers and the Erdtree. 

How to go to the Temple of Eiglay?

After telling Rya about the “evil side of the manor” and finishing her conversation, you must obtain an item to move on. At the Temple of Eiglay, the Godskin Noble boss drops the Serpent’s Amnion.

To reach,Temple of Eiglay, on Elden Ring, players must defeat Nobles of Godskin at the volcano manor. The Godskin Noble is located in the Grace Site in Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir, at the Temple Of Eiglay, about half way into the Legacy Dungeon.

While exploring the outside areas of the Volcano Manor, the shattered Tarnished will find the Temple of Eiglay, which is the Godskin Nobles boss room. 

Nobles of Godskin Elden Ring
Nobles of Godskin

The Serpents Amnion is the key item of Eldens ring, found at an altar inside Volcano Manors Temple of Eiglay. Temple of Eiglay Volcano Manor Volcano Manor.

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To get to the Temple of Eiglay and get the Serpents Amnion, players need to make their way around within Volcano Manor, going south towards the guest hall, and west towards the Temple.

This route first takes you to a fight with Nobles of the Godskin, which must be completed in order to recover a critical item, The Serpents Amnion, from an altar in the Temple of Eiglay.

Wear the Godskin Noble down using your strategies, and you will be rewarded with its Godskin Stitcher and Noble Presence, the key item Serpent’s Amnion, as well as the new Grace location, Temple of Eiglay.

Upon defeating, the boss drops a Godskin Stitcher, and you unlock the Temple of Eiglay site of Grace.Go ahead and activate the Site of Grace, then return to Volcano Manor and present the item to Rya.

Where is Rya located in the dungeon of Volcano Manor?

If you kill Rykard before speaking with Rya in the dungeon’s Rya Room, she will have left Volcano Manor.To obtain the Tonic of Forgetfulness, speak with Tanith at this location.

The moment has come to locate Rya.You ought to have activated the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace following the defeat of the Godskin Noble.

On the north side of the church, there is an elevator, however, it is currently not in use. Instead, use the lift that is just next to the Site of Grace.

When you get there, take the hallway that leads to a balcony. To the right of the tiny lava lake, which you should be able to see below, you can jump over the barricade to land safely.

Follow this around, over the precarious, fire-filled rock bridge, and then descend to the left, just before you come across the corpse holding something. Take the winding route around and up until you reach a sizable lava lake, then cross it to the building to the west that is up ahead.

You can avoid it by turning around to the right of the building and entering via an open window there. A weaker Abductor Virgin will appear here.

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Open the door so you can exit once more, pass a serpent adversary, and ascend the stairs to the right. Go through the door on your left when you reach the top room. Take the elevator down, but be prepared to exit through the door that is immediately below.

Passing through the glass on the other side of the chamber, be cautious around the lava. Rya is in a room in the structure across the street. To find the door, hop over the lava, then turn to your left.

What to do in the Tonic Choice of Rya?

If you do find Rya, she will demand you to kill her, and Elden Ring gives you three choices, with different outcomes for each.If you obtained the tonic from Tanith, you have three options while speaking with Rya: you can either give her the tonic, refuse to give her the tonic or kill her.

  • If you give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness, she will forget all that has happened to her during the entire Rya mission line, and return to Volcano Manor. While giving do concludes Volcano Manors questline, giving Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness prevents you from getting her letters once she leaves Volcano Manor. 
  • After murdering Rykard, go back to where she was hiding and speak with her once more if you didn’t give her the tonic. Reload the region after declining to administer the tonic a second time. You can still find the Daedicar’s Woe talisman and the Zoraya’s Letter item even though if she goes.
  • A third choice is to assassinate her. You can steal the Daedicar’s Woe talisman from her body if you do this.

It’s up to you, but the second choice would be the most sensible in this situation. You will get the talisman regardless of what you do, but if you won’t provide her with the tonic, you will also get the letter.

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