How To Get Velox In Warframe?

Want to find out how to get a Velox in the game Warframe? Rest assured, I’ve got you covered. I have created a guide for you on how to get a Velox in Warframe.

Warframe is a Free-To-Play action role-playing Third Person Shooter Multiplayer Online Game available for gamers worldwide. It is the most popular free-to-play game today, even tho it’s ten years old. Gamers around the world play Warframe, with over 60 million registered players.

There are a few steps to getting a Velox in the game Warframe that are getting the blueprints, then obtaining its components to build one. Keep reading, and indeed, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on getting a Velox in Warframe.

What is Velox In Warframe?

Velox Warframe
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There are plenty of guns in Warframe, each of which is a different ranged weapon. Some of them belong to particular frames. Mostly, these get better when they are used by the players.

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Velox is a type of Pistol. It is Protea’s signature automatic sidearm. It has a high frame rate. An interesting fact about Velox is that it uses no ammo for every first shot in the set of five shots, 

It has a faster reload from an empty magazine.

Velox ranks at number 8 in the mystery rank requirement.

Velox primarily deals with slash damage.

When wielded by Protea, the ammo efficiency is increased by 40%!

How To Get Velox?

To get such a great weapon, you have to follow some steps 

Get The Weapon’s Blueprint

To get Velox, first, you have to get the weapon’s blueprint. This is the easiest part. 

Here’s how 

You need 50,000 credits to buy it from the shop. However, it also requires the barrel and the receiver for crafting, and these two  might not be that easy to get

Remember that you can trade all components, but the only thing you cannot trade between your in-game friends is the blueprint.

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How to Get The Main Components?

To get the main components for the Velox, you will need to go to the Granium Void. 

Geranium Void: this in-game mode will be unlocked once you have completed the Deadlock Protocol Quest. This quest allows you to get Granum Crowns. Also, you will find the Golden Hand tributes in the pursuit, which will help you teleport to the Granium Void.

What Are The Components Of Velox?

Once you have found the blueprint and are in the granium void, you must find the following from the geranium void.

  • Barrel: From Rotation C of Granium Void
  • Receiver: From Rotation C of Extended Granium

Build Velox

Now once you have all the required components, you can finally build a Velox

By opening the Foundry and selecting the “Weaponds” Tab. 

You need to have the following requirements to build Velox 

  • 15,000 Credits.
  • 10 Rubedo.
  • 100 Nano Spores.
  • 100 Ferrite. 
  • 100 Plastids.
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This concludes the guide on how to get a Velox in Warframe. I hope you have all the information you need to get one. Also, you can trade Velox components with other players in the game, but you cannot trade the blueprints.

The Barrel and Receiver are both pretty standard, so you should be able to find them at a reasonable price.