How to Get Ghost in Call of Duty Mobile

One of the most well-known mobile games that have advanced the first-person shooter genre on portable devices is Call of Duty Mobile. With its captivating gameplay and intriguing features.

Which included a variety of skins and character customization choices, the game attracted a sizable audience. The Ghost Skin is unquestionably one of the most sought-after skins in the game regarding character customization. Its attractive and terrifying appearance is the reason for its popularity.

The majority of the cosmetics available in CoD are in-game purchases. Only the in-game credit store is where you may purchase purchased stuff. For the Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 players, Activision has revealed a brand-new reward. The season added new weaponry, maps, and Ghost skin, which is now available for free. 

How to Get Ghost in Call of Duty Mobile

ghost skin cod mobile

This is how to get Ghost in Call of Duty Mobile. Just link your in-game account with your Activision account, and you gain access to the Ghost skin. Activision also cleared up the confusion among the community about the reward being exclusive only to players linking their accounts for the first time.

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Below is a step-by-step method:

  • Download the Season 13 update.
  • Go to the in-game settings.
  • Link your accounts – the option is available on the upper side of your screen
  • When redirected to the Activision website, log in to your account.
  • Once your accounts are linked, claim the Ghost skin from the in-game mail.

Previously, it was only available to users who preordered the Vault Edition. They also received an avatar and two weapon blueprints displayed at the beginning of the campaign, with player emblems being locked behind minute achievements.

Players who already had the Ghost skin will receive credits equal to the amount of the skin in their account. Free exclusive skins are also given away for monthly logins and progressing in Battle Royales.

Keep an eye on events because they offer another opportunity to receive free skins. Activision has provided an opportunity for users to receive free skins without relying solely on premium purchases.

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The popularity of this skin ties directly to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II where Simon “Ghost” Riley is one of the main characters of the story. He is portrayed as a Second-in-command of Task Force 141 and a member of the British Special Forces.

He wore headphones with a mic, dark red sunglasses, and a balaclava with a skull design. Ghost first became a playable character in Call of Duty: Heroes in an update where he could be bought for a thousand Celerium.

He also makes an appearance to guide you through the tutorial section CoD mobile and as a supporting character in Mobile comics.

Season 13 has a lot more to offer to players; therefore we strive to provide all the major and minor updates to our readers. So make sure to check back with us again for more details!

This is all for how to get ghost skin in Call of Duty mobile for more similar content do check our COD Mobile guides section.

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