How To Farm Tellurium in Warframe 

Warframe Tellurium is a rare type of resource that can be obtained from the asteroid which has made a long journey from the stars.

Tellurium was added in Hotfix 15.7.2. This Warframe metal Tellurium is rare and used for some of the valuable equipment and items. It’s not easy to find on a mission but with squads, some resources, skills, and weapons it may reduce some hurdles. 

Here we have listed some Use of the Warframe Tellurium so you can get some amount of motivation to Farm Tellurium and after that how to Farm Tellurium in Warframe.

How to Get Tellurium in Warframe?

warframe tellurium

Tellurium Warframe drop rates are not much so it’s hard to farm but not impossible. To Farm, Warframe Tellurium is possible through completing missions. As a reward and while doing missions you may receive the Tellurium Warframe.

You have to do the Archwing Missions and Greener Sea Lab Map to get the Tellurium Warframe. The chances are few that you can get it due to the rare drop of Tellurium Warframe.

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What is the use of Tellurium in Warframe?

Tellurium is a rare resource and as you progress into the game you may need a bulk of Tellurium Warframe. Tellurium Warframe is used to craft Warframes, Weapons, Archwing Parts, Cosmetics, and many more. It is hard to get because the drop location of the Tellurium is few. 

Here we have listed where Tellurium Warframe can be used to craft.

  1. Amesha Archwing – 2 Tellurium Warframe
  2. Dual Toxocyst – 2 Tellurium Warframe 
  3. Nidus Warframe – 2 Tellurium Warframe 
  4. Sibear melee weapons – 2 Tellurium Warframe
  5. Vauban Prime – 2 Tellurium Warframe
  6. Zephyr Prime – 2 Tellurium Warframe
  7. Riven Mods – 10 Tellurium Warframe
  8. Orokin Catalyst – 1 Tellurium Warframe

Other than this with Tellurium, you can craft: Railjack Components, Riven Mods, Syndicate Components, and Zaw components and there are also lots of items that require the Tellurium Warframe. 

Archwing Missions on Uranus

For Warframe Tellurium the best location to farm is Archwing Missions on Uranus. There will be two missions, Ophelia and Caelus. These two missions have the highest probability of dropping the Warframe Tellurium. These missions are not easy, you will need one of your best weapons to counter them, we will suggest you use the Archwing and Archwing weapons. 

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I’m Archwing Mission the Salacia is one of the best places to farm the Tellurium. Salacia is one of the best mobile defenses of Archwing Mission. In there, you can kill lots of enemies and then respawn and you can kill again to get the maximum resources. We will recommend you use the Itzal. 

While on this mission you should equip the Resource Booster. The Resource Booster has the skill to double the amount you receive. So no matter how much amount you collect the Resource Booster will double that amount. 

Further, on missions you should have the Nekros Warframe. Nekros has special power Desecrate, which is the chance of required resources being more from enemies. There is one cache before using the Desecrate skill, first, you have to kill the enemies then use the skill. Other than Nekros, you can use Hydroid’s, Pilfering Swarm. 

While fighting in Uranus for Tellurium there will be lots of enemies. But they all won’t have Warframe Tellurium but can contain other resources too. But to get particular I’m Tellurium you should focus on the Corrupted Vor, the Hive Sabotage’s Missions Infested Hives, and the Uranus Underwater Mines. 

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Last, look for Warframe Market, where other players are selling the Tellurium for some Platinum, if the offer suits you can have Warframe Tellurium direct from there. Also, on the daily deals, there will be some paid Tellurium too. You can trade for actual money to get the Tellurium in Warframe.

Final thought

You just need some extra resources and some badass weapons and Warframes to get the Warframe Tellurium. There is quite less drop chance of tellurium. But if you hunt with the team the enemy’s kill rate and spawn rate will be more.

So the Warframe Tellurium chances will increase. You cannot avoid getting the Tellurium Warframe, as you progress in the game you will need Tellurium much more than you expect for crafting. 

This is all for how to farm Tellurium in Warframe for more similar content do check our Warframe guides.

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