How To Get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go’s latest legendary, Zygarde has three transformations: 10% Forme, 50% Forme, and the Complete Forme. Each phase requires unique items for upgrading the Order Pokemon’s stats. These items, known as Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go, can currently only be obtained from one method: Routes.

Niantic revealed that the only way to get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go is by using the new Routes feature. Routes are specific paths approved by the community, starting from and ending at a Gym or Pokestop. Players have to complete the mapped route with the given directions to obtain a Zygarde Cell.

How to collect Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go

Trainers get the ability to collect Zygarde Cells when they obtain Zygarde Cube and 10% Forme Zygarde after completing Step 3 of the ‘From A to Zygarde’ Research. A total of 50 cells are required to change the 10% variant to the 50% variant after which the Complete Forme will be available.

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Zygarde Cells Pokemon Go 6
Zygarde Cells

Even though the process seems simple, it is a highly difficult task. Zygarde Cells can mostly be found at the end of the Route but there is no guarantee that one will pop out of the map each time. The cells appear as a green block on the Map which players have to interact with/collect by clicking it. According to many players, the odds of getting a Zygarde Cell while walking in a Route is 1 in 5.

This means that trainers can get one Zygarde Cell in every five Route attempts. However, getting them is tricky since the green-colored cells can appear on any corner of the map, and if a player completes the Route, it disappears. Finding a Zygarde Cell is necessary to complete Step 4 of the unlimited time Research.

Frustrations over the availability of Zygarde Cells

Unlocking the Complete Forme Zygarde will require 250 Zygarde Cells. While obtaining Candy for Pokemon was easier, the same cannot be said for the new upgrading material.

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The low spawn rate of the cells combined with the vast quantities of such items required to change Formes has made many Reddit users lash out at the gameplay mechanic.

Players are hoping to get a Zygarde Raid soon. Along with it, the introduction of Shiny Zygarde is also awaited. The shiny variant is in the development phase according to reports. For more information about the Order Pokemon, read this guide.

The introduction of Routes does rewards players with multiple in-game items but the hype around Zygarde has fallen flat