Guide for ‘Timed Investigation: Master Ball’ Free Research in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Timed Investigation: Master Ball challenge went live on September 1, 2023, alongside the new Adventures Abound season. These are 10 tough tasks that will require multiple days to be completed but both free-to-play players and P2W players can finish them if they play regularly.

As the title suggests, Timed Investigation: Master Ball rewards the trainers with a Master Ball, 3000 Stardust, and 20,000 XP. It needs to be completed and rewards must be collected until November 21, 2023. The missions might be daunting but there are a few events that players can take advantage of to complete the research.

Pokemon Go Timed Investigation: Master Ball’

Listed below are all the tasks for the free research and how to complete them. Note that proper play and time are required to obtain the Master Ball as it is a lengthy research.

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#1. Catch 1000 Pokemon

Given that there are 81 days to complete the ‘Timed Investigation: Master Ball’ research, starting from September, trainers need to capture a minimum of 12 Pokemon each day to eventually get to the four-figure number. We recommend aiming for 15-20 catches.

#2. Win 60 Raids

For those living in rural areas, purchase a Remote Raid Ticket to complete Raids with other trainers. They can also complete Tier-1 or Tier-3 Raids if playing solo. Complete at least one raid each day, usually with the Free Raid Pass obtainable by spinning Gym disks everyday, to complete the Pokemon Go ‘Timed Investigation: Master Ball.’

#3. Hatch 30 Eggs

Prioritize 2KM or 5 KM Eggs to complete this task. Eggs can be obtained from spinning Pokestops and exchanging Gifts. Trainers can also purchase certain packs in the Poke Shop to get Incubators and fast-forward the mission. Otherwise, it will require a lot of leg work, changing the Infinite Incubator to another Egg, and more leg work.

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#4. Catch 100 different species of Pokemon

Capture each Pokemon near you but keep in mind that they are not from the same evolution line. Make the best use of Daily Incense, research reward encounters, and Egg hatches. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if the Pokemon that you caught have been resisted in the Pokedex or not; you need to catch 100 different species of Pokemon following the start of the Pokemon Go ‘Timed Investigation: Master Ball.’

#5. Make 120 Excellent Throws

This task totally depends on the trainer’s skill. Check out the video above to practice and master Pokeball throws in order to get the 100% capture rate, Master Ball.

#6. Complete 150 Field Research tasks

Choose only those Field Research tasks that you are the most comfortable with. When combined with the first and fourth tasks, trainers can make a loop to complete multiple tasks simultaneously: catch Pokemon, spin Pokestops to get more Pokeballs and Field Researches, and then catch more Pokemon.

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#7. Explore 50 KM

Make it a habit to walk at least 2 KM per day. That way, you could also complete the Egge hatching task, given that you prioritize 2 KM Eggs. Keep playing Pokemon Go each day and you won’t even realise that you have traveled 50 KM that easily.

#8. Spin 300 Pokestops

Spinning Pokestops and obtaining Field Research tasks go hand-in-hand.

#9. Earn 100,000 XP

Completing the aforementioned missions will reward trainers with 8000 XP. These can be stacked with Community Day or Spotlight Hour bonuses like 2x catch XP bonus.

#10. Earn 100,000 Stardust

Despite the large number, the task is relatively simple. Keep playing Go Leagues and collecting Stardust. Capitalise on events like the Charmander Community Day Classic in which there is a 3x Stardust per catch bonus.