How To Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the popular RPG games that are full of powerful enemies and mobs. One of the mobs that you frequently encounter in the game is Skeletons and truly these mobs are more annoying than other enemies in the game.

If you deliver multiple strikes on skeletons in Elden Ring and you think it’s dead no you’re wrong they again come towards they just don’t know when to die. If you struggling to kill Skeletons in Elden Ring then you’re in the correct spot.

Here we featured a guide that shows how you can kill Skeletons in Elden Ring without having much hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

how to kill skeletons elden ring
how to kill skeletons elden ring

Kill Skeleton in Elden Ring

You encounter a skeleton in Elden Ring It seems slow and easy to kill the mob but killing the skeleton took lots of effort because they regenerate and start attacking again.

To permanently kill Skeleton in Elden Ring you need to attack it once it’s copse to the floor. In simple words when the first time you attack Skeleton its health bar goes down and it’s crushed into a stack of bones you need to again strike on the stack of bones to properly kill it and it will not regenerate again.

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There are also some other ways to stop Skeleton from regenerating if you have Ash of War known as  Sacred Blade in your inventory. Then you can use the Sacred Blade to defeat Skeleton just like any other enemies in the Elden Ring. Similarly, the item called Holy Water Pots can also so be used for killing the Skeleton.

When it comes to the Weapon to kill Skeleton in Elden Ring. These are the following weapons ( The Golden Order Greatsword, Inseparable Sword and The Golden Epitaph Straight Sword ) that are the best and stop the skeleton from regenerating.

This is sum up for this guide for more helpful content such as how to get cerulean amber medallion+2 or more do check our Elden Ring Guide.

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